17 Weird Ways To Lose Weight Around The World

Due to the diversity of cultures, countries around the world have different concepts and methods of weight loss. As in Thailand, people often eat spicy dishes to lose weight, or the Polish habit of regular eating at home is also a weight control tip. There are many strange notions about how to lose weight in the world, but some methods will surprise you with how effective they are. Let’s find out what those methods are!

Here is a collection of interesting weight loss tips from 17 countries that can help all of us, starting from the neighboring country, going to Africa, Europe, South America and then back to Asia.

Thailand: Eat spicy food

Thailand: Eat spicy food

Thai cuisine is famous for its many spicy dishes. Eat spicy to lose weight? It may sound strange, but eating spicy food increases your metabolism. Another benefit of spicy foods is that it slows down the eating process, makes the food taste better, and helps your weight loss strategy. Conversely, when you eat quickly and will only stop when your body signals you to be full, then you have consumed a larger amount of food than usual. Although this may be a somewhat strange way to reduce, it brings unexpected results.

India: Practicing yoga will help you have an effective weight loss journey

India: Practicing yoga will help you have an interesting weight loss journey

We often think of yoga as a way to reduce stress, but it also has weight loss benefits. A recent study found that yoga followers have a lower body mass index (BMI) than other exercisers.

Some of the reasons include: Yoga is done on an empty stomach and can build muscle (depending on posture), which boosts metabolism. And yoga helps practice mindfulness, including noticing if you feel full.

South Africa: Drink rooibos tea

South Africa: Drink rooibos tea

Rooibos is a type of red tea that, unlike green and black tea, is naturally sweet and contains a large amount of healthy antioxidants. In one trial, rooibos tea was helpful in weight management because it increased the hormone leptin, which reduces hunger and cravings. In addition, rooibos tea does not contain caffeine like coffee, so you can use rooibos tea every morning or hot drinks without cream powder or sugar, to reduce thousands of calories each month. The results will surprise you as you can lose 5kg in a year.

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Poland: Will eating at home more often save money and aid in weight loss?

Poland: Eating at home more often is a fun way to lose weight

Poles typically spend only 5% of their household budget on eating out. Other countries spend an average of nearly 30% of the total amount at restaurants and fast food outlets. In addition, outside foods are often less healthy, containing a lot of sugar, salt and calories. Therefore, cooking at home is an optimal solution for Poles when it is possible to both save money and control weight more effectively. To implement this weight loss method, start tracking how often you go to restaurants and how much you spend on those meals each month, then cut back gradually. Although it looks strange, the effect it brings really surprises you.

Netherlands: Cycling

Netherlands: Cycling

You may be surprised to learn that the Netherlands has more bicycles than people (18 million versus 16.5 million). 40% of Dutch people use bicycles to get around. Traffic lights in some areas of Amsterdam are even synchronized with bicycle speeds.

Dutch people often cycle when the weather is good to do errands, work or leisure to combat weight gain. Cycling at a normal pace to work, shopping, etc. can burn about 500 calories an hour, but if you exert yourself or add an incline (eg cycling over a bridge), you can burn up to 1,000 calories per day. hours.

Germany: Eat breakfast often

Germany: Breakfast

Most Germans have the habit of having breakfast every day. Whole grains, breads and fruit are used mainly in breakfasts. Nutritionists have advised people not to skip breakfast for years, and recent studies have shed more light on its importance. Scientists have also found that if you haven’t eaten breakfast, the brain’s reward center sends a “seduce” signal when you see a high-calorie food. Therefore, you will consume more calories than usual and they will not be good for your weight control.

If possible, eat a full breakfast to prevent the weight loss plan from being effective.

Switzerland: Eat museli

Switzerland: Eat muesli

The ingredients in this porridge – oats, fruit and nuts – have all been linked to better health and weight control. Museli was developed by a Swiss doctor over 100 years ago to nourish patients, but today the Swiss eat it for breakfast or as an evening snack.

In museli porridge contains a lot of soluble fiber that can reduce bad cholesterol levels by up to 10%. Besides, fiber also slows digestion and will keep you full for longer.

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UK: Eat small portions

UK: Eat small portions

In home or restaurant meals, Britons often prefer small portions over large portions. Perhaps this is a vestige of the frugality imbued with rationing during the Second World War. Nutritionists also point out that portion control is the key to effective weight loss.

France: Eating slowly is also an interesting way to lose weight

France: Eating slowly is also a fun and leisurely way to lose weight

The French are famous for their leisurely family meals. 92% of French families eat dinner together. These meals typically last 33 minutes during the week and 43 minutes on weekends. Although it sounds illogical, prolonged meals actually help you eat less. It usually takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re full, so eating longer means you’ll avoid overeating.

Russia: Grow your own food

Russia: Growing your own food makes you more appetizing and weight loss more interesting

In Russia, country houses, or chalets, where 51% of city dwellers spend vacations and weekends in the summer, almost always have a garden. Russians like to grow their own vegetables and fruits. This makes their diet more nutritious.

Hungary: Eat sour food

Hungary: Eat sour food

Another strange weight loss method from Hungary is eating sour food. Hungarians have a fondness for pickles – not just cucumbers but bell peppers, cabbage and tomatoes. All these pickles can help you lose weight. There is increasing evidence that acetic acid, the main component of vinegar, helps reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and fat formation. However, check product labels as they can contain a lot of salt.

Finland: Nordic Hiking (Nordic Snow Walk)

Finland: Nordic Hiking (Nordic Snow Walk)

This is one of the Finns’ favorite outdoor activities. They only need a pair of lightweight, inexpensive walking sticks to participate in this activity. Keeping a walking stick in hand will help with balance, especially for older people or walking on slippery terrain. What’s more, this activity makes you use the muscles in your shoulders, arms, and torso, turning walking into a full-body workout that burns 20% more calories. Although this method is somewhat strange, it is really effective in supporting weight loss.

Norway: Spending time outdoors

Norway: Spending time outdoors is an interesting way to lose weight

Participating in outdoor activities on the weekend is a habit that originates from the Norwegians. Everyone from young to old will choose for themselves a few activities such as hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter to exercise. This is also a habit that helps them maintain and control their weight better. So why not start learning Norwegian habits right now to have a good health and fit body. Start your weekend by taking the family for a walk together to see if that makes a difference!

Mexico: Eat a hearty lunch

Mexico: Eat a hearty lunch

Instead of consuming the bulk of the day’s calories in the evening, Mexicans typically eat their biggest meal between 2 and 4 p.m. If you maintain this habit, you will gradually eat less at dinner and after waking up, your body will need to recharge at breakfast and lunch to work. This eating habit will help you control your weight and support weight loss most effectively If you eat less at night, you will be hungrier when you wake up and eat breakfast, helping to control weight. To combat weight gain, try to get the majority of your daily calories in for breakfast and lunch. This is also considered a healthy eating habit.

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Brazil: Eat rice with beans

Brazil: Eat rice with beans

Brazilians have kept their slim figure by using this traditional dish with rice in every meal. One study found that this daily diet consisting mainly of rice and beans reduced the risk of being overweight by about 14% when compared to the typical Western diet. That’s because less fat and more fiber are added instead, which has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar.

Although eating beans to lose weight may sound strange, using this dish in every meal will give you a toned body like the Carnaval girls in Brazil.

Japan: Napping can also help you lose weight!

Japan: Take a nap

Have you ever heard that napping is good for weight loss? The truth is that the Japanese have used this method as a way to rest and support effective weight loss. There is growing evidence that chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of weight gain. The hormone leptin helps the brain sense when you’re full, and ghrelin stimulates hunger. The less you sleep, the lower your leptin levels and the higher your ghrelin. Many people think they are hungry, but they are actually sleepy. Therefore, in Japan, many people choose to nap for 20-30 minutes a day to reduce cravings caused by sleepiness.

In addition, traditional Japanese dishes also bring inspiration and gentle weight loss effects for those who love cherry blossom cuisine.

Malaysia: Cooking with Turmeric

Malaysia: Cooking with turmeric is an interesting way to lose weight

Turmeric, a main ingredient in curries, often grows wild in the jungles of Malaysia. One of its main ingredients is a substance called curcumin, which can block the growth of fatty tissues. So why not give a little turmeric a try in your curries or stir-fries. The taste of the dish will not only be more attractive but also help reduce the amount of fat in the body.

We just went through an interesting weight loss cultural journey. Hope this article has given you more ideas and motivation to make some small changes in your life to increase the effectiveness of weight loss. Wishing you the best of luck and stay healthy!

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