20 foods that make arthritis symptoms worse

To avoid aggravating the symptoms of arthritis, you need to eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet. Join increaseheightblog.com to list 20 foods that are harmful to arthritis that need to be cut!

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that affects one or more joints in the body. The term “arthritis” does not refer to a single disease, but encompasses more than 100 types of arthritis and related problems.

Symptoms of arthritis manifest throughout the body and include pain, swelling, and stiffness, affecting range of motion making certain activities more difficult. Besides, the severity will increase gradually with age.

If you suspect you have arthritis, it’s best to see a doctor and talk to your doctor to get the best treatment plan. But in addition to measures like medication, physical therapy or joint surgery, lifestyle changes can help improve your avoidance of serious arthritis.

According to experts, to prevent arthritis, it is first necessary to prevent inflammation from occurring in the joints through the elimination of foods associated with chronic inflammation from the daily diet. This action also helps maintain a healthy weight. Here’s a list of 20 foods that are bad for your arthritis, and that you need to stay away from.

Frozen foods high in sodium increase arthritis symptoms

Frozen foods high in sodium are harmful foods for arthritis

High-sodium frozen foods or meals are not healthy choices for people with rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune arthritis. This is because corticosteroids, found in medicines used to reduce inflamed areas of the body, cause you to retain more salt than usual. As a result, the inflammation in the body becomes more and more serious, so this is a harmful food for arthritis. If you are suffering from autoimmune arthritis, limit your daily sodium intake to less than 1,500mg to ensure good health.

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Polyunsaturated cooking oil is less friendly to bones and joints

Polyunsaturated cooking oils are harmful foods for arthritis

Cooking oils used in restaurants or homes often contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids but very little omega-3. This imbalance leads to inflammation of the joints. And if the body does not compensate with enough omega-3 (from sources such as salmon, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts …) to balance this oil, arthritis will worsen.

Soda should be avoided when you have joint symptoms

Soda is harmful food for arthritis

A refreshing soda is more refreshing than ever, especially in summer. But did you know, in 2 cans of soda (360ml) there are 44g of sugar, equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar. This number actually far exceeds the recommended human intake, namely 9 teaspoons in men and 6 teaspoons in women. Sugar causes many negative health effects, such as inflammation in the body, especially in women.

Research shows that just 1 glass of sugary soda a day can increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis by 63%. This number was compared between people who never drank soda with those who drank soda less than once a month.

White rice aggravates arthritis symptoms

White rice aggravates arthritis symptoms

White rice is seen as a form of refined carbohydrate that spikes blood sugar levels as well as markers of muscle inflammation in the body, making arthritis worse. Instead of using this nutrient-deficient carb, replace it with whole grains like farro, kamut or brown rice.

Pretzels are not friendly with probiotics

Pretzels are not friendly with probiotics

The microbiome is beneficial bacteria concentrated mainly in the gut, which has been shown to strengthen the immune system. The microbiome is especially important in “training” the immune system to protect beneficial bacteria and destroy harmful bacteria. This is the foundation for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

However, foods made from refined grains such as pretzels hinder the growth of the microbiome. Therefore, beneficial bacteria will be very happy if you eat foods rich in fiber such as green beans, pistachios, quinoa, etc.

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Grilled or smoked food linked to inflammation

Grilled or smoked foods are harmful foods for arthritis

Be careful with choosing all prepackaged baked or smoked products that contain partially hydrogenated oils. This ingredient contains trans fats, which have been linked to inflammation in the body, and if consumed regularly also increase “bad” cholesterol and reduce “good” cholesterol, which causes heart disease .

Margarine is not always a healthy choice

Margarine is not always a healthy choice

Most margarines are made from trans fats, which have been strongly linked to inflammation, heart disease or cancer. In addition, vegetable oils such as corn oil are subjected to hydrogenation, which also changes the chemical formation from Cis fats to Trans fats (found in sweets such as cakes, cookies, and pie crusts). ), increases inflammation in the body.

Sausage can make arthritis symptoms worse

Sausage makes arthritis symptoms worse

Sausage is a processed meat, and all processed meat is high in AGEs (sustained glycation end products) that cause inflammation in the body and make arthritis worse.

Ice cream is not on the menu of people with arthritis

Ice cream is not on the menu of people with arthritis

We hate being the bearers of bad news, but the saturated fat and added sugar in ice cream bring the fight against arthritis to a standstill. According to research, saturated fat is one of the most pro-inflammatory nutrients. So, even though ice cream is an irresistible dessert, to control the negative development of arthritis, you need to remove ice cream from your diet list.

Fruit juices are high in sugar, which can cause inflammation

Fruit juices are high in inflammatory sugars

This drink is one of the leading causes of inflammation. This is particularly acute with fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndromes because both are strongly diffused by a process known as microglial activation and central sensitization, which is promoted primarily due to the absorption of too much sugar into the body.

Cheese should be limited

Cheese should be limited

Most cheeses are high in saturated fat, which has been scientifically proven to cause inflammation not only in the joints but also in the heart. So next time, think twice before adding cheese to any dish.

Refined sugar should be reduced

Refined sugar should be reduced

High levels of refined sugar in the diet can make arthritis worse. Plus, too much sugar in a meal prevents anti-inflammatory foods like fruits or vegetables from working.

Limited use of salt

Salt is a harmful food for arthritis

Excess sodium in your diet can wreak havoc on your body in a variety of ways, from high blood pressure to hypothyroidism. To manage arthritis, you should avoid foods containing preservatives and additives, and limit sodium intake to 2,300mg per day.

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Milk can be a trigger for inflammation

Milk can be a trigger for inflammation

Drinking milk often makes an important contribution to the development of young children, but in general a lot of adults have difficulty digesting milk (about 60% of the population). Protein in milk can also cause inflammation. However, not all dairy causes inflammation. You can choose ones that contain probiotics with anti-inflammatory effects, such as kenfir or Greek yogurt (unsweetened).

Fried foods make arthritis worse

Fried foods are harmful foods for arthritis

Arthritis can develop and worsen if the body ingests too many fried foods because they are high in omega-6 fatty acids. And an imbalance between omega-3 and omega-6 in the body is the main factor that increases inflammation and makes arthritis worse.

Fries? Just refuse!

French fries are harmful foods for arthritis

Yes, I’m very sorry guys, because French fries are also do’s and don’ts. What if you can’t stop craving fries? Try this baked potato recipe, or consider baked vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes and enjoy them as a snack or side dish for dinner.

Canned fruit with syrup: Limit it to the maximum!

Canned fruit with syrup: Limit maximum!

Note that we are referring to canned fruit with syrup or sugar water, not canned dried fruit. The sugar in the syrup can stimulate the release of a protein in the body called a cytokine. These cytokines are associated with an increased risk of inflammatory problems.

Candy is not good for joints

Candy is not good for joints

Just like with high-sugar juices, sodas or baked goods, you should stay away from all candy at all costs, especially if you have arthritis. This is because the sugar in the candy leads to an increase in blood sugar and, as a result, worsens arthritis.

White flour indirectly affects the joints

White flour indirectly affects the joints

White powder promotes a deficiency of omega-3 in the body, which is a strong contributor to arthritis by inhibiting prostaglandin E3. In addition, omega-3 also works to prevent cancer, diabetes and protect the brain. So omega-3 deficiency isn’t just about inflammation, but many other health aspects as well.

Pizza may be linked to arthritis symptoms

Pizza may be linked to arthritis symptoms

Pizza is a great source of saturated fat, which comes mainly from the cheese layer. Research shows that saturated fat triggers inflammation in the body’s fatty tissues, which causes not only arthritis but also cardiovascular problems. Therefore, pizza is also one of the foods that harm arthritis.

Through this article, hopefully you have had all the necessary information about foods that are harmful to arthritis and eliminate these foods from your daily diet. Wishing you good health and a more active life.

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