6 things to help lose fat fast gain muscle results

Exercise to gain muscle and lose fat needs to be combined with a reasonable diet. Because you’ll need both energy to train and fuel to grow muscles. 6 things to note in the following fat loss diet to increase muscle mass will help exercisers quickly achieve their goals.

For the best workout results and toned muscles, you should apply the right diet to gain muscle and lose fat. This will help the practitioner provide enough training energy and nutrients for muscle development.

What is muscle gain?

Muscle gain is the growth of muscle that is brought about by regular exercise and adequate nutrition. Muscle gain helps the body to be more balanced, more muscular for men and creates sexy curves for women. Gaining muscle also has many other meanings in life such as helping you to perform daily tasks easier than before, improving health, etc.

Calories in a fat loss diet to gain muscle

1. The principle of calorie consumption

Fat loss and muscle gain diets serve both purposes: building muscle and burning fat.

However, to lose fat, you need to exercise to burn more calories than you consume. Conversely, in order to increase muscle mass, you need to consume more calories.

Based on this principle, those who apply the diet to gain muscle and lose fat need to divide into 2 phases combining nutrition and exercise, one phase focuses on fat loss and the other phase is muscle gain, like Only then can you get the best results.

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If your body fat percentage is greater than 20-30%, you should focus on eating and exercising to lose fat first, then move on to supplementing and building muscle.

You need to control and change the calorie content to serve your training goals

You need to control and change the calorie content to serve your training goals

2. Calories to consume

  • To lose fat: Figure out how many calories your body is burning and cut 10 to 15% of those calories on a fat loss diet to start the fat loss process.
  • To gain muscle: Add 10-15% of your current body-burning calories to your diet. Monitor your weight and body fat percentage regularly to make sure you’re not consuming too much fat during this period.

Protein in a fat loss diet to gain muscle

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for bodybuilding.

1. Benefits of Protein in Workout

You need to get enough protein every day. Here are the benefits of protein in your workout that you can get:

Helps you feel fuller for longer

Restrictions on foods or calories in the diet often have a psychological impact, you may feel “deprived” and feel more hungry than usual. However, if you add a significant amount of protein to your fat loss diet, you will feel satisfied with your meals, stay full longer, and effectively curb cravings.

Boost metabolism

Protein, carbs, and fat all require energy to digest, store, absorb nutrients, and get rid of unnecessary parts. Among them, consuming protein requires the most energy. About 30% of protein will be burned during digestion.

Build and maintain muscle mass

Protein expends a lot of energy and calories not only to build muscle, but also to maintain existing muscle mass. You need protein every day to repair and grow muscle. They will help rebuild the amount of muscle that you have broken down during exercise.

2. How much protein should you eat?

Your fat loss diet should have about 40% of your total calories coming from protein, or 2.2g of protein per kilogram of body weight.

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Drink protein smoothies to improve the amount of protein consumed in the daily menu

Drink protein smoothies to improve the amount of protein consumed in the daily menu

If you are new to eating a lot of protein at once, start by adding about 25-30g of protein at each meal, then add protein snacks and protein smoothies to get the required amount each day. day.

3. Protein-rich foods

Choose a healthy protein breakfast like eggs, Greek yogurt, and salmon, or drink a smoothie with a cereal with added protein powder.

An animal source of lean protein is the best quality complete protein for a fat loss diet. You can choose between lean proteins such as chicken breast, loin, tuna, salmon, cod, shrimp, oysters, etc.

For vegetarians or those looking to cut meat out of their diet, it’s more difficult to consume protein because most plant-based proteins are incomplete. You should prioritize supplements from soybeans, tofu, quinoa, other legumes, nuts and seeds.

4. Should you use protein supplements?

You should prioritize natural protein supplements from foods in your daily fat loss diet. Natural foods help you supplement essential amino acids and many other vitamins and minerals for your body. In addition, getting natural protein from food will help you use more energy to digest and help you feel full for longer.

Supplementing protein from natural food sources is the best method

Supplementing protein from natural food sources is the best method

However, in some cases if you cannot ensure the amount of protein in your diet and need to use supplements, please note:

  • Find out more about the origin of the product and the reputation and quality of the manufacturing company.
  • Check the exact protein ratio in the product to see how much protein you are getting in each serving.
  • Look for protein supplements that don’t contain harmful chemicals, colors or flavors to reduce the amount of harmful substances absorbed when you want to drink protein.

Mastering the basics of the above fat loss diet will help you ensure proper nutrition and exercise for the best results. Gym training to lose fat and gain muscle also needs a separate exercise program with the right exercises to properly affect the parts you want.

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How to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?

To gain muscle, you will train hard, to lose fat you will do cardio. You will find Marathon runners have quite low Body Fat and this is what Bodybuilders have always wanted.

So many people do Cardio exercises like crazy, sometimes up to 2 hours a day. But you need to know that, the longer you cardio, the more muscle you lose.

The fact that you spent hours in the weight room building muscle and you’re now doing so much cardio makes all the time you spend lifting weights ruined. However, there is a solution for you to help gain muscle and lose fat at the same time as HIIT or High Intensity Cardio.

Speaking of HIIT is a workout that will make you push the limits of your body to the extreme, you will have to do that move with all your strength for 10-30 seconds, to the point that you feel nauseous and feel nauseous. pale face when done.

If you do it right, it only takes the first 10 seconds to make you gasp and after 30 seconds it is almost collapsing on the spot. When you burn energy very quickly in a short time, you will make your body use excess fat to make up for the lack of energy, this process can last 24 hours after you stop exercising. .

>>>HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which means high-intensity interval training or high-intensity cardio. You can learn more about this method at: “HIIT exercises to reduce belly fat: Slim waist in a flash”.

In addition, you can see more training schedules to gain muscle and lose fat to quickly achieve the desired results.

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