7 unexpected benefits when you give up alcohol

Alcohol is probably the most popular drink, not only in Vietnam but also in other countries. However, if abused, this alcoholic drink can cause many harms. Giving up alcohol is not easy, but if you do, you will have many health benefits.

According to Leon Sylvester, a YouTuber who specializes in making clips to share about his alcohol addiction process. The return of cravings for alcohol is proof that detox is working. Indeed, at the beginning of alcohol withdrawal, everyone has to experience cravings. Fighting those cravings will only make you progress. However, there are people who need to use medical measures to correct the problems brought about by stopping drinking. Therefore, giving up alcohol must happen slowly and slowly.

1. Healthier skin is more beautiful

Drinking alcoholic beverages causes blood vessels under the skin to dilate, the skin reddens when drinking every day. This phenomenon will no longer appear when you stop drinking alcohol. Moreover, the alcohol in alcohol also dehydrates the body, making the skin look dry and dull. With drinking a lot of water and not drinking alcohol into the body, your skin can return to its plump, vibrant state as before and wrinkles, red patches will gradually disappear.

2. Better quality sleep

In a 2015 study on the link between alcohol and sleep, the results showed that when you drink alcohol, the duration of NREM (non-rapid eye-rolling sleep) sleep is shortened, which means you Will wake up in the middle of the night more.

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A good night's sleep

When you don’t drink alcohol, you will have a deeper sleep

While drinking makes you drowsy, that doesn’t mean your sleep will be improved by being interrupted several times a night. That is why every morning after being drunk you are very tired and may have a headache even though you slept a lot the night before. When you stop drinking alcohol, you will find it more difficult to fall asleep, but in return the quality of sleep will increase and you will be more energetic.

3. More lucid, more lucid

When you are no longer dominated by alcohol, it is much easier to make important decisions. You will no longer have trouble solving problems. In addition, you will be easier to control your behavior, emotions, think more clearly and be more creative in work and life.

4. Reduces Chances of Heart Disease

When you give up alcohol, your blood pressure will drop back to normal, your blood fats will decrease, and your chances of heart failure will decrease. Many people think that drinking alcohol is good for the heart, but that only happens when you drink a few sips in a day, more will be very bad for the heart.

5. Reduce pressure on the liver

The liver is responsible for filtering and eliminating toxins from the body, including harmful substances in alcohol. Drinking too much (more than 15 drinks a week for men and 8 drinks for women) will make you face fatty liver disease, thereby reducing liver function, reducing the effectiveness of toxins from cells. and increase the toxic visceral fat layer.

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Healthier liver

Healthier liver when not drinking alcohol

The positive thing is that the liver can repair itself with minor damage, but that ability will gradually decrease if you maintain the habit of drinking too much. So, when you quit drinking, you not only help your liver function more efficiently, but your body doesn’t have to lose the extra nutrients and energy it supplies to the liver in the process of regeneration.

6. Lose weight

A glass of beer contains about 150 calories and a glass of wine is about 120 calories, mostly pure calories with no nutritional value. In addition, alcohol increases cravings, especially fried foods and snacks. So weight gain is an inevitable consequence.

Quitting alcohol is an effective way to lose weight

Quitting alcohol is a way to increase weight loss in men

When you quit drinking, you not only limit your calorie intake, but your food intake is also easier to control. If you are a beer drinker and want to lose weight, then you should limit your beer consumption as much as possible.

7. Fewer minor illnesses

Even just one “too much” meal will cause the immune effect in your body to decrease significantly within 24 hours of taking it. When a large amount of alcohol is consumed, the immune system and the body’s ability to recover will be reduced, from which you are more susceptible to colds, fevers, and coughs than the average person.

Your number of colds and fevers will be greatly reduced if you limit your alcohol intake. The immune system works well, creating a strong wall to prevent bacteria from entering.

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When you first quit drinking, many people will think they will miss out on many fun and feel sorry that so many people enjoy the joy this drink brings. When you get used to not drinking anymore, you will find parties to be more interesting, such as meeting close friends and focusing more on conversations or arguments. Most important of all, it’s your future health that no other fun can match.

Build yourself a healthy lifestyle to be healthier. Instead of spending time drinking, do more useful things like take care of your family, have fun with your wife and children, read books to improve your knowledge and enjoy life in your own way. If you want to get more interesting information about health, nutrition and exercise, download now increaseheightblog.com and join the community that loves fitness, loves healthy life.

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