9 super easy ways to help you lose weight fast in 5 days

You are following a weight loss plan and are ready to change your eating habits, even if you don’t mind working out hard. However, if you want to lose weight fast, don’t have to wait for weeks for the number on the scale to move down. So why not upgrade your weight loss plan?

Rules to keep in mind for safe weight loss

The ultimate goal of weight loss is to burn more calories, control weight and excess fat. However, do you think you are on the right track and not following the safety guidelines when losing weight? So, before you combine these 9 tips from increaseheightblog.com with your current diet, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Losing weight does not mean fasting.
  • You need to build yourself a scientific diet and really strictly adhere to that diet.
  • Weight loss is only really effective when combined with exercise.
  • Say no to late night eating and staying up late.
  • Losing weight is not an easy task and it completely depends on your consistency.

In addition to the principles above, there are simple, low-cost changes you can make in your weight loss journey. That is to change the habits of eating, living and exercising every day. Follow these 9 tips, they will help you shorten your weight loss journey significantly.

How to lose weight fast 1: Cut a meal in half

Don’t have time to count calories or weigh portions? And sometimes the food labels are so vague? No problem! You just cut most of your meals and snacks in half. Smaller servings will help you lose weight quickly.

Today, servings are often too large, even double or triple the recommended serving size. By halving, you’ll probably be in the “safe calorie zone” for weight loss.

Reducing portion sizes is one of the fastest ways to lose weight

Be bold to reduce your daily food intake to start the fast weight loss journey

Eating small meals also helps you avoid skipping meals. Skipping meals is a bad habit for weight loss, because after skipping meals, you eat more and eat faster.

You don’t have to reduce all foods. Keep portions of vegetables and fruits the same, but cut back on starches (like potatoes, bread, and rice), proteins (usually meat, especially red meat) and sweets.

Don’t forget to cut back on drinks! Don’t worry about water, tea and black coffee as they have no calories, but stick to half of all ice creams, energy drinks and other calorie-dense drinks. In particular, you need to avoid soft drinks. Drinking a few cans of soft drinks a day means drinking thousands of calories!

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Method 2: Avoid canned fruit juices to help lose weight fast

Are you a fan of smoothies? A low-calorie fruit or vegetable smoothie can be a good replacement for weight loss, or as a mid-day snack.

Many dieters use smoothies to lose weight, so there’s a “smoothie diet”. But smoothies will help you lose weight faster if you don’t use canned fruit juice when making it.

Fruit smoothies are one of the fastest ways to lose weight

Make a fresh fruit smoothie and don’t add canned juice when you need a sweeter boost!

Canned fruit juices add calories and sugar to your drink without adding much nutritional benefit. Instead, blend fresh fruit for a smoothie! You’ll get flavor and key nutrients from fresh fruit. The fiber in fresh fruit also helps you feel fuller faster.

Instead of using canned juice, simply add water and some ice cubes. So you have a delicious, nutritious low-calorie smoothie right away.

Method 3: Full body exercise to lose weight fast

Besides diet, you definitely need to exercise to lose weight quickly. There are three groups of exercises: cardio to burn fat, stretching exercises to increase flexibility, and strength training to tone the body. All three groups are important, but how do you find the time to do them all?

Diet and exercise are ways to help lose weight fast

To lose weight quickly and safely, you need to combine diet and exercise

Fortunately, you can do all three sets of exercises at once. When you’re at the gym, skip the weight machines and cardio equipment. Instead, hit the gym floor and do full-body exercises with weights. Movements like the walking lunge get your heart rate up and burn fat, tone your lower body, and flex your hips and thighs.

You can also easily do these exercises at home with two small dumbbells. So there’s no reason to quit even if you can’t go to the gym.

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Method 4: Add low-calorie dishes to meals

If you cut your portion size in half to lose weight, you will find your meals seem to be lacking. However, you can add calorie-free or low-calorie foods to your menu.

onions and bell peppers

Adding onions and bell peppers to fried rice is a way to make a meal richer and still low in calories

So what to eat to lose weight fast? There are many ways to enrich meals with low-calorie vegetables. Store fresh lettuce in the refrigerator and add it to a sandwich or salad. Similarly, you can add sautéed onions and bell peppers to a mixed rice dish.

Vegetables add very few calories to your meals but can help make you feel fuller and more appetizing. As a result, you will have less need to snack after a meal.

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Method 5: Say no to elevators

Climbing stairs burns a lot of calories. It is also a quick and effective way to get in shape, especially for the legs. When you don’t have time to go to the gym, climbing a few floors a day is also a great exercise.


Take advantage of the opportunity to walk as much as possible, avoiding elevators and escalators

You burn nearly 10 calories per minute walking up the stairs. In total, you can reach over 100 calories in a day if you take the stairs. This simple exercise can help you lose another 250g or even 0.5kg per week.

If your place of work or home does not have an upstairs, take advantage of walking more, instead of taking a car. Minimum 10 minutes per day, ideally 30 minutes per day. Remember, any physical activity is better than inactivity. Therefore, do not forget to take advantage of every moment you can to effectively lose weight.

Method 6: Abstain from alcohol

It’s no coincidence that people call it “beer belly”. However, it’s hard to avoid alcoholic beverages entirely. You may not want to give up alcohol completely, but if you abstain from drinking for a few weeks, you will notice a big difference. Weight loss is one of the many benefits of quitting drinking.

give up alcohol

Weight loss is one of the many benefits of giving up alcohol

First, if you drink water instead of alcohol at parties, you will significantly reduce calories. A glass of wine provides about 125 calories or more. One cocktail provides 150 calories or more. Alcohol also makes you crave foods high in fat and calories. This has the potential to derail your accelerated weight loss plan.

And in the end, you won’t “break” your daily workout plan when you don’t have to deal with headaches and burnout in the morning after a drunken night. The end result is that you do not have to go on a diet and still lose weight fast.

Method 7: Start each meal with a cup of broth (soup or soup)

At the beginning of lunch or dinner, enjoy a warm and refreshing cup of soup. Avoid soups that are creamy and starchy. Chicken soup, vegetable broth, and even beef broth are popular choices. These soups provide very few calories and help you eat less for a few reasons.


A cup of warm, sweet soup provides low calories and supports your weight loss process

First, water dishes fill you up, so you don’t need to eat much. And hot broth also makes you eat more slowly. If you learn to eat slowly, you’ll be more able to sense the cues of fullness so you know when to stop eating, as the folk saying “eat well.” Recognizing that your body is hungry or full is an important skill for weight loss.

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If you don’t like water dishes or want a change, you can start your meal with a salad. However, you should choose a low-calorie dressing, preferably with vinegar or lemon juice.

Method 8: Wear a belt

You’ve probably heard of the waist training method for weight loss, or you’ve heard of the “corset diet,” popularized by some Hollywood celebrities. These diets work for some women because a tight corset or belt prevents you from overeating. As a result, you follow your diet closely and lose weight faster.


You don’t need to buy expensive corsets to reduce eating. A belt has the same effect

But you don’t have to buy an expensive (and often uncomfortable) heavily advertised corset on the market to take advantage of this weight loss tip. Simply wear the belt to get the same effect.

Make sure the belt you choose fits snugly around your waist, not around your hips. Then, when you eat, the pressure of the belt on your waist will remind you to slow down.

Method 9: Drink lots of water

Sometimes you think you are hungry, when your body really needs water, not food. Signs of thirst and hunger can be easily confused. As a result, you can eat more food and consume more calories when your body is thirsty.

You can avoid this problem and lose weight faster if you drink water regularly. Fill up a few bottles of water and keep them in the fridge so they can be easily seen. That way, you’ll see them immediately when you open the refrigerator door for food.

a glass of water

Before you eat your main meal or snack, drink a glass of water (about 200ml).

Before you eat your main meal or snack, drink a glass of water (about 200ml). It is also possible that after drinking a glass of water, you will find that you do not need to eat yet. You can add flavor to the water with lemon, cinnamon, mint… to increase the feeling of drinking filtered water.

Be careful with diet sodas. Most popular soft drink brands have diet versions. These drinks are very popular because of their names. Although they contain no calories, they are not water.

These drinks are controversial because they contain artificial sweeteners. You may be surprised to learn that these substances have an indirect effect on making you gain weight.

Some studies suggest that drinking diet sodas can stimulate you to eat more or to choose less healthy foods. Some health experts have suggested that artificial sweeteners actually cause cravings for sweet foods.

You can see the article Drink water to lose weight: use water to beat excess fat to learn more about this issue.

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