Are you choosing the wrong portion of daily dishes?

Choosing many ingredients is not enough, if you want to have a nutritious and healthy meal, you must also avoid choosing the wrong portion of food. Therefore, to ensure that you provide enough nutrients for your body, let’s find out useful information with in this article.

Even if it’s a healthy food, you can still choose the wrong portion of each in your meal, making them counterproductive if you love it and add too much. Here are the common foods in your daily diet along with the recommended portion sizes of each so you can ensure the best nutrition.

Choosing the wrong portion of popular foods

1. Cereals

If you are choosing cereal for breakfast every day, have you ever measured how many grains you are using? In fact, we often choose the wrong serving of cereal because we don’t double-check the serving instructions, and directly pour the cereal into the bowl, making the quantity more difficult to control.

As recommended by the American Diabetes Association, The recommended serving of cereal is cup. Therefore, if you put cereal straight into the bowl, you are probably eating 2-3 servings per meal.

2. Lean Chicken

Chicken is one of the healthy sources of lean protein, especially for those who are often active, they need to supplement a larger amount of protein for the body to recover.

However, even though the daily protein requirement is quite high, you still need to divide the meals evenly to absorb just the necessary amount of protein. The recommended serving of chicken per meal is 27 – 36g of lean chicken, about the size of a deck of playing cards. Many people can use the palm of their hand to choose the right chicken size.

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With packaged chicken breasts, you should check their weight. Many suppliers may sell brisket pieces that are double or triple the serving size, making it easy to overconsume if cooked whole.

3. Fat cream powder

Coffee liquid fat cream

You should limit drinking coffee with cream to avoid excess sugar

Drinking more or less coffee depends on the habit, taste and level of caffeine addiction of each person. However, with coffees with added sugar, milk, and cream, you run the risk of increasing your sugar intake if you choose the wrong portion.

A recommended serving of liquid ice cream is 1 tablespoon. This will be easier to control if you make your own coffee at home. However, if you buy it at a store, you definitely have to limit your ice cream drinks and keep track of the number of glasses you drink each day.

4. Hamburger

Both beef and chicken burgers can add protein, but if you count the servings as servings of meat, you’ll ignore the huge calorie content that the body absorbs in each hamburger.

About 113g of beef with hamburger filling, slightly larger than Recommended serving of beef is 85g But many hamburgers at fast food restaurants often serve 150-200g of meat, making you consume twice as much meat and calories as needed.

5. Salad dressing

Salads are definitely one of the healthiest dishes if you don’t choose high-fat or high-sugar sauces. Salad dressings can sometimes add more calories to a salad than other dishes.

Therefore, you should choose healthy sauces and only use an appropriate amount for each meal. A recommended serving of salad dressing is two tablespoons.

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6. Bread

wholemeal bread

There are many types of bread that only needs to be used for one slice

Do you think just eating a sandwich from whole grain bread is nutritious and healthy? In fact, while healthier than processed foods, many whole-grain breads can provide varying calorie content.

Therefore, one bread is not equivalent to one portion. The best way not to choose the wrong portion is Check the recommended serving sizes on the packaging. With many types of bread, based on nutritional content and ingredients, sometimes just 1 slice of bread is equivalent to 1 serving. Please check and choose the type of bread that is suitable for your appetite.

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7. Fruits

A healthy serving of fresh fruit makes a great alternative to desserts high in sugar and fat.

As for fruit, you’ll need more serious portion control if you’re watching calories or sugar intake as many fruits are very high in sugar.

For example, with small fruit, a bunch of grapes is sometimes more than enough sugar. The recommended serving of grapes is 16 grapes never mind!

8. Soft drinks

Sugary drinks are often extremely tempting and make it easy for us to choose the wrong portion. Especially when you drink at the soft drink machine or buy a large bottle.

Not only adding sugar, even choosing a diet soda, you can still increase your calorie consumption. A recommended serving of soft drinks is 350ml.

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Notes when determining food portions

If you really care about your diet or what you are eating has more or less impact on your body, you should consider your portions carefully, including healthy ones.

Sometimes, relying on the naked eye or the information on the packaging can also lead you to choose the wrong portion. Many brands offer servings based on how much a customer typically consumes, not the recommended serving size.

Therefore, the best way is to find out the portion sizes of the foods you use often and use an electronic kitchen scale or measuring device to have the most accurate servings.

mini electronic scale for kitchen

Use kitchen scales to accurately control portion sizes for each meal

Many diets such as gaining muscle or losing weight will also have different serving sizes, so you should focus on the one you want, then make a note of the recommended servings that work best to make sure. nutrition every day.

You can also set the calorie level in the control applications, they will assist you to measure and adjust the amount of calories consumed in each meal, more beneficial for health.

Choosing the wrong portion size is extremely common because we often just stick to the menu, ingredients or visual estimates that limit the accuracy of the content of each food. Make a note of the recommended servings above to eat healthier every day!

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