Bitter melon: the secret to good hair and skin with just one food

We often have the impression of bitter melon with somewhat unpleasant taste of bitter melon (bitter gourd). In stark contrast to bitter melon (bitter gourd), bitter melon is a sweet and easy-to-eat food that can be processed into many attractive dishes in the family. In addition to the great uses in cuisine, bitter melon is also a good medicine when it has some medicinal properties to help prevent dangerous medical conditions of the body. Moreover, this is also a kind of food that beautifies the skin and hair, contributing to preserving the spring features of women.

Does bitter melon really have so many uses? Let’s learn about this nutritious food with with the article below.

What is bitter melon?

What is bitter melon?

Bitter gourd has many different names such as gourd, snake gourd, or jasmine fruit

Bitter melon is a type of food that is also known under many different names such as mountain melon, sky melon, snake gourd, Japanese melon or jasmine fruit. The scientific name of bitter melon is Trichosanthes cucumerina, they are a species of flowering plant in the family Cucurbitaceae.

Bitter gourd is a herbaceous vine with a fibrous stem called a tassel. The leaves of this plant are palm-shaped with branches called leaflets. The young fruit is green and long, with a soft, sweet texture and a mild flavor. Meanwhile, the mature fruit is longer, red in color and inedible due to the bitter taste. The fruit is also known as the snake gourd due to its characteristic roll shape with pale white stripes. They are often considered a vegetable, used to cook many main dishes in Asian meals.

Bitter melon grows naturally in the wilderness in Southeast Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal and Indonesia, as well as in Australia in the warmer southern regions. Currently, they are actively cultivated by people in Asian countries as well as throughout Australia and Nigeria. This plant is a popular vegetable that can be purchased in southern regions. Whereas longer varieties and smaller sizes can be obtained year round in the market as well as in northern parts of India, they are mainly grown in home gardens.

Bitter melon provides many nutrients, they are a vegetable with a high water content and have a cooling effect on the body. Besides, they have no cholesterol, so they have the ability to improve and promote heart health, rich in vitamins and minerals to help promote important metabolic functions in the body.

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Some popular varieties of bitter melon today

Some varieties of bitter melon

There are many varieties of bitter melon that have been domesticated and bred

Long EX variety: This variety produces fruit with green skin and white stripes, 25-50cm long. This fruit thrives in the summer in warm, sunny areas. The young fruit is used for food.

Hybrid Snaky variety: this hybrid bitter melon is newly developed and has become extremely popular in Asia due to its top quality and high fruit yield. Fruit with green skin with long white stripes, common size from about 25cm or more with weight from 100-200g. The flesh of the young fruit is extremely crispy and attractive, suitable for soups and stir-fries. The plant is grown year-round in subtropical and subtropical regions of Asia.

India Short variety: this particular fruit is native to India. This fruit has a light greenish-white skin with green stripes, about 20cm long and 7cm in diameter. The plant is extremely well grown in warm climates and has high yields over a long period of time. This variety is harvested when they are young and is very popular in Indian cuisine.

Hybrid white glory: This variety was introduced by a large seed company in Thailand. The fruit is white with a size of about 38cm x 3.5cm, and a weight of about 100g. The tree thrives in hot climates, ideal for subtropical climates with high rainfall. This particular variety is extremely hardy and can also be harvested in 45-50 days (after sowing). This particular variety of bitter melon is highly disease resistant and easy to grow.

Hybrid Thai Extra Long: this is a new hybrid produced by a leading breed company in Thailand. Their fruit can be up to 78cm long, 3.6cm in diameter, and weigh 370g. This bitter melon has a light green skin with white stripes along the stem. The plant thrives in hot climates and is highly productive. To harvest the fruit in a straight and long form, they need to be planted on high supports and trellises. They can be harvested at any stage, from infancy to adulthood.

Nutritional composition in bitter melon

Like most plants in the cucurbit family, bitter melon contains a multitude of important dietary components such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibres, and important trace compounds such as Vitamin A. , Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and minerals and a variety of phytochemical compounds including phenol and cucurbitacin.

Nutritional composition in 100g of fresh bitter melon flesh includes the following nutrients:

  • Calories: 86.2
  • Fat: 3.9g (including 0.5g saturated fat)
  • Carbohydrates: 12.5g
  • Fiber: 0.6g
  • Protein: 2g
  • Sodium: 33mg
  • Potassium: 359.1mg
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Besides, they contain many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese, iodine and several other phytochemical compounds.

Health benefits from bitter melon

Health benefits from bitter melon

This type of food brings many health values ​​to users

Helps reduce fever

In many tropical countries, fever (regardless of the cause) can be a major public health hazard without prompt access to medical care. Bitter melon can be processed into a decoction and used for people with fever to clear heat and temporarily reduce fever. Usually after use, the fever tends to subside and the natural healing process in the body can begin. Therefore, this food can be considered as a folk medicine to help reduce fever and reduce fever.

Detoxify the body

Bitter melon has been used as a diuretic in traditional medicine for many years. This type of food can stimulate the liver and increase the ability to urinate, thereby speeding up the elimination of toxins from the body. They have medicinal properties that increase fluid production in the body, can eliminate dryness and dehydration, and support the normal functioning of the kidneys and bladder. Besides, the juice from bitter melon leaves can also stimulate vomiting in case of drinking something toxic or mild poisoning.

Improve digestive problems

According to traditional medicine, bitter melon can help relieve intestinal problems because it acts as a mild laxative. Moreover, the high fiber content in this fruit can assist people with intestinal disorders and eliminate constipation, reduce cramps and bloating, optimize the absorption of nutrients in the body. body.

Improve breathing problems

Bitter melon has the ability to loosen phlegm, loosen pus and phlegm in the sinuses and respiratory tract so that they are excreted. This is very beneficial for the immune system, as normally harmful substances and foreign substances accumulate in the sputum and mucus causing more serious conditions.

Supports healthy hair

For people with hair loss, bitter melon is said to stimulate new hair growth and protect weak hair follicles from shedding. This may be due to the rich mineral and vitamin content, especially the high carotene content, which gives special care to the skin and hair. Besides, some studies have also shown that bitter melon can reduce the amount of dandruff in the hair.

Prevent diabetes

According to an animal study published in the International Journal of Biology and Chemistry, bitter melon was able to lower blood sugar levels in test animals with streptozotocin-induced diabetes. Their low-calorie, low-nutrient profile makes them an ideal vegetable to aid in fighting diabetes.

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Reduce stress

In traditional medicine, bitter melon is often used to reduce heart palpitations and calm the nervous system, lowering blood pressure. This is possible thanks to their potassium content, which has a vasodilator effect and reduces stress on the cardiovascular system.

Support weight loss

Bitter melon contains few calories and many essential nutrients. Therefore, they are very suitable for people who are following a diet to lose weight, especially for people with diabetes. Bitter melon also provides insoluble fiber when it enters the stomach, keeping you full longer, reducing cravings and supporting fat burning at a faster rate.

Reduce insomnia

The content of vitamin B6, pyridoxine present in bitter melon is very beneficial in helping to reduce the ability to conduct nerve impulses. Therefore, in cases of insomnia or severe sleep deprivation, supplementation can reduce neurotransmitter activity and promote faster, deeper sleep.

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Some attractive dishes from bitter melon

Some attractive dishes from bitter melon

They can be processed into many popular and attractive family dishes

Stir-fried bitter melon with garlic

After buying bitter melon, wash it, peel it, cut it vertically, then remove the intestines like how to handle bitter melon. Next, you need to cut them into bite-sized pieces. Heat oil in a pan and sauté garlic until fragrant, add bitter melon and sauté until evenly cooked. Finally, you can transfer the food to a plate, sprinkle with chopped scallions and serve with hot rice.

Bitter gourd cooked with fresh shrimp

Fresh shrimp washed, peeled and removed the black thread, then marinated with a little seasoning. Bitter gourd washed, peeled, peeled, scraped the intestines and cut into bite-sized pieces. Next, saute garlic and sauté the shrimp for hunting, then add water and skim off the foam. Wait until the broth is boiling, then add the bitter melon and cook until evenly cooked and season to taste. When the soup is cooked, scoop it out into a bowl, add cilantro, pepper and serve with hot rice. This is a cool soup that is very suitable for family meals to supplement nutrition.

In general, bitter melon is an easy food to eat and can be processed into many attractive dishes in the family. In addition, they contain many vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help support overall health and help the body fight many dangerous diseases.

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