Diet to lose belly fat for men is extremely effective

Men with too much belly fat are the main cause of loss of confidence in your appearance as well as health problems such as an increased risk of chronic diseases such as stage two diabetes, cardiovascular disease. and even cancer. Having a belly fat reduction diet for men is extremely necessary for you right now.

According to statistics from Fitch Solutions Marco Research, obesity is increasing rapidly in Southeast Asian countries. This places a heavy burden on health care and budgets for most countries in the region.

Notably, Vietnam is the country with the fastest increase in the number of obese people (body mass index (BMI) over 25) in the 5-year period by the end of 2014, at 38%, and the percentage of obese men has increased rapidly. This is an alarming number, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle will make this situation last.

This article will introduce you to how to control your diet and weight loss foods so that you eat healthier to reverse excess fat and obesity in men.

How do you know if you are overweight?

According to the World Health Organization, overweight is defined as a body mass index (BMI) above 25 if high 30 is considered obese.

  • Only a BMI in the range of 18.5 – 25 is considered a balanced weight.
  • Conversely, those with a BMI below 18.5 are considered underweight.

However, there are many cases of normal BMI but still look fat. The reason is because the amount of excess fat is high, focusing on easy-to-see areas such as abdomen, thighs, biceps, … Therefore, the weight loss menu is not necessarily used for people with BMI above 25, but even for those who want to change and improve their physique with daily nutrition.

The BMI calculation table is mainly based on the following formula:

Body Mass Index BMI = (Body Weight) / (Height x Height)

The difference in the weight loss menu of men and women

1. The need for calories

Based on metabolic rate, each person will have different calorie needs. In addition, it also depends on the level of exercise, gender, location… However, the caloric needs of men are generally higher than that of women. Specifically:

  • A woman weighing about 55 kg needs to take in about 2,000 calories per day.
  • A man of the same age, with a frequency of exercise equivalent to weighing 75 kg, needs to load up to 2,800 calories / day
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2. Nutritional needs

In general, men and women often have different diets:

  • Women need more iron than men because it is affected by the menstrual cycle.
  • Men need more fiber than women to reduce the incidence of rectal cancer.

In the weight loss diet, in terms of protein content:

  • Men need to consume about 15% of calories per day, which is about 420 calories from protein
  • For women, about 300 calories per day.

Regarding the fat content:

  • Men need to consume 2800 calories per day, about 840 calories will be in fat.
  • For women who need to consume 2,000 calories per day, fat intake should be limited to less than 600 calories.

According to experts, when men learn about nutrition, they often lose weight more effectively and easily by simply adjusting their eating habits. For women, losing weight can be a bigger challenge, they are under pressure, easily dominated.

Understanding the diet to reduce belly fat

To make a fat loss diet or a weight loss diet, we need to note some important points such as limiting calories, cutting carbs, adding protein, eating vegetables, drinking lots of water and doing sports.

For men, excess fat accumulates most in the abdomen. According to Dr. Zhaoping Li, director of the University of California Nutrition Center at Los Angeles, this is similar to how the trunk of a car works.

When you leave too many things in the trunk of the car, as well as the belly that stores too much fat, then fat will begin to accumulate in other places such as the internal organs. The condition of “beer belly” in men is caused by visceral fat. So, to eliminate the risk of belly fat in men, you need to note the following points:

1. Control your calorie intake

Calorie is simply the amount of energy that is taken in through food. Try reducing about 500 calories per day to start. Adjust the appropriate calorie intake to ensure your desired weight.

The effective belly fat reduction diet for men is that you only eat about 1500-1800 calories per day according to the American Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. If you’re a regular exerciser, you’ll probably need more.

2. Limit the amount of starch

Cutting down on carbs is a key factor in helping you lose weight. However, you will still need carbs for energy. Therefore, men need to choose good starches such as barley, corn, sweet potatoes, cereals …

All starches and sugars are recommended to be limited or completely eliminated. Cakes, candies, soft drinks, fast food and especially alcohol must be eliminated from your diet if you want to lose fat.

  Limit the amount of starch

Cutting down on powdered sugar is the main factor that helps you lose weight

3. Let’s add fiber

Fiber is a lifesaver when you want to eat full without getting fat. It is almost impossible for our body to completely absorb fiber. However, fiber helps the digestive system move more smoothly and especially helps you always feel full.

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Fiber contains very few calories, so you can eat more fiber to replace the reduced amount of sugar and starch. You eat 10g of soluble fiber will reduce the possibility of fat accumulation by 4%. It’s so magical, isn’t it!

Let's add fiber

Fiber helps the digestive system move more smoothly, helping you always feel full

Some good sources of fiber you can refer to are legumes, fruits, vegetables, broccoli, whole grains… According to a 2017 study published in the journal Nutrients, men should aim to eat 30. up to 38g of fiber per day. Also, you should always check with your doctor about your diet.

4. Protein Supplement

Protein is the main protein. One belly fat loss diet Ideal for men is a high protein fortified diet. A 2016 study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews found that a high-protein diet significantly increased weight loss rates in men.

Protein Supplement

An ideal belly fat loss diet for men is to increase protein

Good sources of protein that you can use include red meat, eggs, milk, legumes, chicken, fish… In addition, you can also use functional foods such as whey protein to supplement more. protein.

If you weigh about 81kg, try to eat about 180g to 270g of protein per day to effectively reduce belly fat.

5. Don’t Skip Good Fats

Low-fat diets were once popular. Many people have ignored fat in the hope of losing weight. However, it seems that this method of eating is not very effective.

You don’t need to add too much fat. However, fat is necessary for your metabolism to take place. Note that men should only eat good fats.

When following a diet to reduce belly fat, you can refer to fat sources such as olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil, avocado, chestnut butter …

Don't Skip Good Fats

Fat supports better metabolism

6. Drink lots of water

Drinking a lot of water will help you feel full, water fills your stomach to make you feel fuller, reduces your appetite and replenishes electrolytes and detoxifies the body.

If you find it difficult to control portion sizes, drink 2 full glasses of water before meals. Make sure to drink 2L of water every day.

Effective belly fat loss menu for men

The following will be a menu suggestion for weight loss and fat loss for guys who can eat healthier to quickly get the desired figure.

Effective belly fat loss menu for men


  • Whole grains or oatmeal (35g)
  • Fat-free milk (500ml)
  • Almonds or other nuts (4 tablespoons)
  • Raisins (2 tablespoons)
  • Total: 591 calories, 29g protein, 78g carbs, 18g fat


  • 2 slices of whole grain sandwich
  • Canned Tuna (142g)
  • Low-fat cottage cheese (1 slice)
  • Tomatoes (half)
  • Mayonnaise (1 tablespoon)
  • Carrots (28g)
  • Orange juice (1 cup)
  • Total: 666 calories, 71g carbs, 25g fat


  • Pork, chicken, lean beef or seafood (142g)
  • Salad (136g)
  • Salad dressing (1 tablespoon)
  • Green vegetables or broccoli (136g)
  • Bread or pasta, rice (1 slice or 136g)
  • Fruit (96g)
  • Total: 379 – 953 calories, 23 – 53g protein, 33 – 109g carbs, 12 – 43g fat


  • Whole grain bread (1 slice)
  • Peanut butter (2 tablespoons)
  • Fat-free milk (500ml)
  • Apple (half fruit)
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You can divide snacks into 2 meals during the day when you feel hungry. This will make it easier for you to access your diet.

Some notes when implementing a belly fat loss diet

1. Do’s or Limitations

  • High-fat foods: fatty meat, meat broth, margarine, pork leg meat…
  • Foods high in cholesterol: brain, heart, liver, kidney, pig intestine…
  • Foods with added fat: buttered bread, butter with vegetables, stir-fries, fritters
  • Energy-rich foods such as: molasses, jam, candy, cakes, chocolate, soft drinks…
  • Stimulant drinks: wine, beer, coffee…
  • In addition, Dr. Dr. Tran Hong Son also made recommendations that some special diets can be applied for obese people.

2. Combine exercise and sports

These are the notes you should refer to to be able to have an effective belly fat loss diet for men. In addition, you should practice more sports exercises to burn fat quickly. The training process should go from basic to advanced so that the body gradually adapts and is not overtrained.

According to Dr. Son, men should maintain sports practice for at least 30 minutes / day with types such as walking, swimming, aerobics, cycling… However, if necessary, you should consult opinions from experienced people to choose the right sport as well as adjust the exercise intensity appropriately.

4 mistakes when building a popular weight loss menu

Skipping meals to lose weight fast

Many people think that eating to lose weight means eating less than usual, minimizing energy intake, so:

  • Occurrence of skipping breakfast, or lunch, dinner, or dinner. There are many people who fast completely, only drinking water and eating green vegetables every day.
  • This weight loss method causes the body to show signs of dehydration, which gradually leads to weakness, loss of resistance, fatigue, pale skin and loss of vitality.

Cut out high-calorie foods like dairy and gluten

Building a weight loss menu by giving up dairy or gluten-containing foods is a big mistake. Abruptly removing essential nutrients from a meal can even increase cravings for that food.

Worse still, the lack of dairy and gluten in the body also poses the risk of irritating or making you “intoxicated” these foods when given the opportunity to eat them again.

Change everything at once

Changing everything like living habits, nutrition, exercise, gym is the worst thing to start losing weight. Imagine getting tools to instantly do everything you want well, that’s not possible!

Set a long-term goal for weight loss, do not expect to promise you will lose 10-15kg in just 1 month. Everything takes time, right?

Reduce hours of sleep to make sure you follow the regimen

Hunger and satiety hormones are produced depending on whether the body is getting enough sleep or not. When we stay up late, the brain produces enzymes that create hunger and cravings, making weight loss efforts futile. Your body will again fall into a vicious cycle, hunger – craving – fasting – affecting the stomach.

Not to mention your body at night is hard to avoid the temptation of hunger. One survey even found that when people didn’t get enough sleep, they ate 385 more calories than usual the next day, on average.

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