Differentiate between collagen and whey protein: Which is better?

Collagen protein, whey protein are both popular protein supplements for exercisers. However, do you know the difference between collagen and whey protein, and which protein is better? This article will help you choose the right protein supplement for you.

Both collagen and whey proteins have certain benefits for the body. However, you cannot use these two interchangeably.

Origin of collagen and whey

1. Origin of collagen

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein. Collagen can be found in many parts of your body, such as bones, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage, blood vessels, skin, and even the digestive tract.

Taking on its place as the main structural protein of connective tissue, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body

2. Origin of whey

The most basic difference between collagen and whey is that collagen occurs naturally in the body, mainly consisting of glycine and proline good for bones and joints, while whey is a protein found in dairy products, containing a lot of leucine – a type of protein. Amino acids are involved in muscle protein synthesis.

When milk is processed into cheese, yogurt, etc., there is a residual substance called whey or whey protein.

Uses of collagen and whey

1. Uses of collagen

Collagen is extremely important in the process of moisturizing the skin, creating elasticity, flexibility and lubrication for joints and cushions. This is the main protein in bones, which can support healthy muscles, bones and joints.

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In addition, many people also use collagen to improve skin, hair and nails as they weaken over time due to age, for example to increase elasticity or reduce wrinkles in the skin.

2. Uses of whey

Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements for athletes, especially those who want to build muscle because they are easy to use, help the body absorb faster.

Using whey protein can help ensure protein intake throughout the day, helping to nourish muscle, and increase muscle mass growth when used before, during and after workouts. In addition, whey has also been shown to help increase strength when you do resistance exercises.

Source of collagen and whey

1. Source of collagen

Collagen is naturally found in bones and connective tissue, so natural sources of collagen you can choose from are beef, chicken, pork, fish, bone broth, etc. In addition, spirulina or egg whites are also available. Collagen-rich foods are good for exercisers.

In addition to adding the above foods to your daily diet to supplement collagen, you can also choose functional foods. Many manufacturers have formulated collagen as a supplement, forming a form of collagen that breaks down easily to digest.

For vegetarians, there are fewer natural collagen-rich food choices. Because this type of protein is mainly found in animal products.

2. Sources of whey

Whey protein is sold in many different product forms on the market. You can choose based on the composition and nutrient content of each whey protein:

  • Pure Whey (isolate): This is a form of whey protein that contains at least 90% protein, with only small amounts of sugar, fat, carbs, and cholesterol.
  • Whey concentrate: This type of whey contains 70-80% protein, the rest is carbs, fat and essential minerals (more beneficial minerals than pure whey)
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Whey protein concentrate is the most commonly used protein powder

Whey protein concentrate is the most commonly used protein powder

Whey protein concentrate is more commonly used, has more nutrients and is higher in sugar, and lower in protein than pure whey. You can choose the type of whey that suits your nutritional needs.

Which choice is better for you?

After distinguishing collagen and whey, you already know that each type of protein has a certain use and an important role in the functioning of the body. You should include both of these proteins in your daily diet to get enough benefits from them.

Whey protein is a more suitable choice for gym goers to gain muscle

Whey protein is a more suitable choice for gym goers to gain muscle

The amount of protein needed each day can be obtained from plant and animal sources. However, whey, animal-based proteins and a few plant-based proteins contain complete proteins, including all the essential amino acids for protein synthesis.

Meanwhile, collagen and other plant-based proteins often do not contain enough amino acids. One serving of collagen can provide about 9g of protein and the ideal protein content for each meal is 20-30g.

Therefore, the use of collagen is only a partial supplement, you need to combine other protein-rich foods and distribute protein throughout the meals of the day. Collagen is great for bones, skin and joints. Meanwhile, whey is good for muscle growth.

So depending on the purpose of use, for those who exercise to gain muscle, whey protein will be a better choice. increaseheightblog.com hopes that through this article, you have known the difference between collagen and whey in terms of the uses and supplements of each type of protein, helping you choose the form of protein that best suits your needs.

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