Discover the function of protein for the human body

Protein is an indispensable compound in every living organism, playing an extremely important role in the body to build, repair and maintain muscle. This nutrient is considered one of the most important bodybuilding nutrients. Let’s learn with about the function of protein for our health.

Protein plays an important role in building and growing new tissues and repairing damaged tissues. Moreover, this nutrient is essential for muscle growth and development in bodybuilding nutrition. Let’s learn with how important protein function is for bodybuilders!

Why do you need to increase protein in order to gain muscle?

Proteins make up more than 50% of the dry mass of the cell and are the structural material of the cell. This substance helps to form, maintain and replace cells in the body. If the body lacks protein, you will easily face the risk of malnutrition, growth retardation, immunodeficiency.

More importantly, this substance is also involved in the composition of muscles, blood, lymph, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, secretory and endocrine glands. Protein is made up of different amino acids.

Insulin increases amino acid transport and absorption into working muscles. This cannot happen without amino acids in the blood to store when insulin is taken. This is why you’ll want the protein in your custard before and during your workout.

Protein helps form, maintain, and replace cells in the body

Protein helps form, maintain, and replace cells in the body

Protein becomes especially important after you work out. During the process of building muscle, you will face a state of catabolism, which means that muscle is being broken down.

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The main goal of the practitioner is to transition from a catabolic state to an anabolic state, meaning muscle is being built. The time immediately following muscle building is often referred to as anabolic. The reason for this is that after building, your muscles are very sensitive to nutrients for about 2 hours.

When a protein/carb mix is ​​made immediately after protein synthesis, the process can be increased to 300 percent. If you drink whey protein milk 3 hours after your workout, the protein mix only increases by 12 percent.

Through this, wants to tell you that protein loading time is very important. Athletes will build 25 times more muscle if they drink protein milk right after a workout, not 3 hours later.

You know, timing is important but how quickly the protein digests is also something to know. Whey protein works best since it is given to the blood faster than any other protein. As with carbs, the amount of protein you add will vary depending on the factor. Start in the 15 – 30 grams range.

How important is the function of protein for bodybuilders?

Prevent muscle catabolism

In our body, the process of catabolism and assimilation continues throughout the day. These are two factors that always go together and cannot be separated for. Therefore, you also do not need to worry too much about catabolism because it is a part of life.

However, over time, in order to gain muscle, the practitioner needs to ensure that the anabolic time is higher than the catabolism time.

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The anabolism time must be higher than the catabolism time

This is called “pure natural” or “pure balanced protein”. Only when you do it right will you increase your chances of being good. When you load protein into the body, you will have a short time for the amino acids in the blood to be pushed up, which is called hyper amino acidemia.

This phenomenon will help stimulate higher synthesis and stronger anabolism. Of course, don’t forget to incorporate practice as well.

Maintain body tissues

The function of proteins can help in the growth and maintenance of body tissues. The amount of protein in the body is always in a state of constant transformation. This means that normally, your body breaks down the same amount of protein it uses to build and repair tissue.

In other cases, however, the body breaks down more protein than it can make to fulfill the body’s urgent needs. This usually happens during an illness, while pregnant or breastfeeding. Certain groups of people also need more protein, such as people recovering from injury or surgery, the elderly, and athletes.

Boost metabolism

Enzymes are proteins that help support thousands of biochemical reactions that take place inside and outside of cells. The structure of enzymes allows them to incorporate other molecules inside cells called substrates, which help catalyze reactions necessary for the body’s metabolism.

Enzymes also function outside the cell, such as the digestive enzymes lactase and sucrase that help digest sugars in the stomach. Some enzymes need other molecules like vitamins or minerals to work.

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Functions of enzyme proteins that play a role in bodily functions include:

  • Digest
  • coagulation
  • Muscle stretching
  • Energy production

Protein protects and detoxifies the body

The human body fights off infections through the immune system. The immune system produces antibodies that are essentially protective proteins.

Each antibody binds to a specific part of the bacteria or foreign factor to destroy or neutralize them. The body has a good immune system when it is provided with enough amino acids needed to synthesize antibodies.

Conversely, the body will be threatened by toxins absorbed from food through the digestive system or directly from the environment. These toxins will be detoxified by the liver. When protein synthesis is impaired due to lack of nutrition, the body’s ability to detoxify decreases.

Protein is an extremely important nutrient for our body. Besides adding this nutrient in your meals, you should also plan a long-term exercise to improve health. will be your companion in this training journey. To update information about health, nutrition and exercise, please download the application right away.

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