Do products containing hoodia help you lose weight as rumored?

With the outstanding development of science and technology today, there are always new products on the market for you to try with attractive commitments. Foods containing hoodia are one of them. Discover the uses, benefits and realities of this brand new substance with

In recent times, hoodia has ceased to be considered a rotten-smelling desert plant and has become a natural dietary supplement that is said to suppress appetite and promote weight loss. . However, you may be wondering how it works and if it’s safe. Currently there is very little research to support or prove the true effects of hoodia, but surprisingly, they are very popular among women.

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia gordonii is a thorny succulent that grows in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. From a distance you can see it has a similar appearance to a cactus, but the upper part is flesh-colored flowers that smell like rotten meat to attract flies to pollinate.

The plant gained attention in the early 2000s, because anecdotes suggest that the Khoisan people of South Africa and Namibia – a nomadic hunter-gatherer group – ate small bits of the trunk to stave off hunger during the summer. long hunts since the 1930s. This led to the commercialization of the plant extract as a dietary supplement on the premise of naturally reducing appetite, thereby promoting weight loss. You can find hoodia supplements in retail stores and online in tablet or tea form.

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Does Hoodia Help You Lose Weight?

As mentioned, the most common purported benefit of hoodia is its ability to reduce hunger. Therefore, it is widely marketed and sold as a weight loss supplement. But in reality scientific evidence is scarce and does not fully support such claims. Furthermore, the exact mechanism of how hoodia can reduce hunger is still unknown. But what science has discovered recently is actually very promising in two ways:

First, a plant-based molecule called P57 is thought to stimulate the central nervous system by increasing levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates metabolism. matter. ATP is a molecule that powers your cells, which is why it is also known as the body’s energy currency. It is believed that its increased levels can reduce feelings of hunger by tricking the brain into thinking you have eaten enough.

Hoodia can help you lose weight

However, the study that makes this claim was done in mice, and P57 was injected directly into their brains. Meanwhile, other animal studies have shown that stomach acid degrades P57 and, therefore, it is not detected in the brain if consumed orally.

The second way that hoodia can reduce hunger is related to two additional molecules found in the plant – Hg-12 and Hg-20. Animal and test-tube studies suggest that these compounds promote the secretion of cholecystokinin (CCK) in the gut. CCK is a hormone that regulates your hunger. Elevated CCK levels stimulate a feeling of fullness, causing you to stop eating. Conversely, low levels of this hormone will slow down feelings of fullness, causing you to eat more.

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That said, most of the available studies have been done in mice, and not all of them have shown promising results.

Some other uses of hoodia are known as the flower part of the plant has been used as a treatment for tuberculosis, as well as honey from its flowers used to treat cancer but there is no evidence. There is no science to back up these claims.

Side effects when using hoodia

Side effects when using hoodia

In the only human study with this plant, consumption of purified hoodia extract was found to cause a variety of side effects, including nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and skin reactions. It also causes a significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, taking supplements for weight loss is not recommended, especially for pregnant and lactating women.

In addition, people who are taking medication to control blood sugar and heart or liver disease should avoid using the supplement, as it may affect their treatment.

According to current research, hoodia is still just a plant used by nomads to stave off hunger during the historic long hunts that led to its popularity and commercialization. widely used as a weight loss supplement. There is not a lot of scientific evidence conducted in humans to support this effect and the available studies have shown a wide range of unwanted and even dangerous side effects if you do not know and use the substance. this. If you want to get in shape, a healthy exercise routine and proper nutrition can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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