Do you know how to choose healthy restaurant food?

Which restaurant food will be good for health? This is definitely a question that attracts the attention of many people. If you still don’t have the answer, let’s explore useful information with in the article below.

Sticking to a diet isn’t easy, especially when you’re working out or need to eat healthier. We often cook at home so that we can measure and measure nutrients as well as ensure nutrients according to the regimen.

Choose healthy restaurant food: European restaurant

1. Italian dishes: Meatballs and salad

At Italian restaurants, the most typical dish can be mentioned is meatballs served with Italian pasta. For a healthier and carb-reducing meal, you can order the meatballs separately and serve with salad or other vegetable dishes.

In case you still want to eat pasta, choose whole grain pasta, or reduce your servings if there are no alternatives.

2. Mexican dish: Chicken fajita

Chicken fajita can be considered as one of the healthiest options if you want to eat Mexican food.

Fajita combines both lean protein and grilled vegetables, significantly cutting calories compared to many other dishes. You can eat 1-2 servings of tortillas, or choose beans instead if you don’t want tortillas.

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3. American food: Steak and vegetables

Coming to an American restaurant, salmon and asparagus can be considered the healthiest choice. But if you want a steak, you can still do it!

To choose a healthy restaurant dish with steaks, you should eat a maximum meat size of 120g in a meal, using the cooking method of grilling and serving with grilled or steamed vegetables. you like.

Choose healthy restaurant dishes: Asian Restaurants

1. Chinese dish: Beef and broccoli

Chinese dishes often contain a lot of oil and high carb content such as fried eggs, grilled chicken, etc.

You should reduce the amount of white rice when choosing dishes with rice

You should reduce the amount of white rice when choosing dishes with rice

However, you can still choose vegetable and protein mains. In addition, you should limit eating rice or noodles because they are often made with white starch.

2. Japanese food: Sushi

Popular Japanese restaurants often have a sushi-focused business with a wide variety of delicious and beautiful sushi, but not all of them are healthy.

You should choose to eat 1-2 sushi rolls in a meal, choose sushi with lean protein and lots of vegetables, or choose sushi rolls with vegetables instead of rice. In addition, you can also eat sashimi for a more varied meal.

3. Indian dish: Chicken tandoori

The menus of Indian restaurants often feature dishes with rich sauces, or deep-fried dishes, but if you want to eat healthy, you can choose tandoori chicken.

Tandoori chicken is oven-roasted chicken, with a rich flavor without being too fatty, low in sauces and spices, and can be served with Indian salads made of potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant and spinach. .

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Choose healthy restaurant food: Fast food restaurant

1. Hamburger

Hamburgers are not often suggested as a healthy food, but there are ways to make them healthier.

You can order hamburgers without bread, served with sweet potatoes or salad. Some hamburger shops also offer burgers wrapped in lettuce or fiber-fortified greens.

2. Sandwich

A simple way to cut carbs in a sandwich is to choose “open” sandwiches, or in other words, remove the top layer of bread, leaving only the filling, which is the bottom layer.

The top priority sandwiches should be sandwiches with tuna salad; turkey with avocado and tomatoes; Roast beef with sauerkraut.

3. Soup

Soups look like a light appetizer, but if you choose the wrong kind, they still provide a lot of carbs and calories.

Choose nutrient-rich soups like creamy mushroom soup, broccoli soup, and cheddar cheese. Creamy soups that keep you fuller are great if you don’t want to eat a lot during that meal. In addition, do not eat soups with white rice or pasta.

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4. Pizza

Picking up healthy restaurant food at a pizzeria? There are still healthy options for you!

Take control of your portion like choosing thin crust pizza, eat only half of the pizza or 1-2 pieces and take the rest back for another meal.

5. BBQ meat

With BBQ, you can choose from a variety of ingredients to grill and enjoy. However, in order not to consume too many unnecessary nutrients, you should only choose lean meats with a maximum amount of 120g, served with many other vegetables. If you still want to eat more starchy foods, eat only a small portion!

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Prioritize choosing a variety of vegetables when going to a BBQ restaurant

Prioritize choosing a variety of vegetables when going to a BBQ restaurant

If you go to other restaurants?

Assuming you go to another restaurant that isn’t listed in the suggestions above, use the following recipe to ensure you can choose healthy restaurant food.

For lunch and dinner, your serving should have 2 cups of vegetables (about 50 calories), 100-200 calories from fat, and about 150g of protein. This recipe can help you consider choosing the right dish on a restaurant menu.

Applying these tips for choosing healthy restaurant food will help you ensure a healthy diet wherever you go! Refer and apply immediately when eating out!

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