Getbol tidal flats – World Cultural Heritage in Korea

Getbol, ​​Korea’s intertidal flats consist of four distinct sections located on the southwestern and southern coasts of South Chungcheong, North Jeolla and South Jeolla provinces, overlooking the Yellow Sea. It has a diverse ecosystem with 2,150 species of flora and fauna, of which at least 22 are globally threatened.

English name: Getbol, ​​Korean Tidal Flats
Year of recognition: 2021
Criteria: (x)
Acreage: 128,411 ha with a buffer zone of 74,592 ha

In addition to providing an important habitat for 118 migratory bird species, it is also home to 47 endemic species and five endangered marine invertebrates. In 2021, it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and became the second Natural Heritage in Korea after Jeju Volcanic Island and lava tubes.

This heritage consists of 4 separate parts located in the west and southwest of Korea, on the coast of the Yellow Sea is Boseong-Suncheon, Gochang, Seocheon and Shinan. They are all four wetland reserves, some of which have been designated as wetlands of international importance.

getbol tidal flats - world cultural heritage in korea

There are also estuaries, open bays, ponds and islets. It has a diverse ecosystem with about 2,150 species of flora and fauna, of which at least 22 are globally threatened. Notable fauna includes 47 species of invertebrates such as octopus, crabs, snails, etc., of which 5 species are endangered. The most notable among them are the Yangtze River Finless Dolphin, the Spoonbill, the Asian White Crane, and the Crested Crane. The intertidal flats are also an important stopping point for 118 migratory bird species en route from East Asia to Australia and back, providing important habitat and feeding grounds for many threatened waterbird species.

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Endemic species include small clams, Japanese big-eyed crabs (Macrophthalmus japonica), milk king crabs (Austruca lactea), sand crabs, sea snails (Umbonium thomasi), clams, etc.

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