High-calorie foods to avoid when you want to lose weight

Calorie is always a factor of top concern in all weight loss efforts. increaseheightblog.com will help you better understand calorie-dense foods.

Currently, a large number of foods with high calories but low nutritional value are widely consumed. These foods are considered to be the “rectifiers” of the weight loss process. Therefore, in addition to reducing portions, you also need to avoid these foods to improve health and control weight.

How does calorie density affect weight?

Calorie density with weight

Calorie density with weight

Scientific studies have shown that calorie density is closely related to your weight. Along with that, it also has a direct impact on body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference. Eating too many calories is a major factor in weight gain and obesity.

Foods with a low calorie density tend to provide less fat and more water and fiber. This is great for making you feel full and reducing your daily calorie intake. In contrast, high-calorie foods are often elaborately prepared and extremely delicious. That has made them easier to eat and more consumed.

A meal with a low calorie density will increase your feeling of fullness. Because your portion size will be more. This helps your meals last longer and forces you to chew more. However, with processed foods with high calorie content, you do not feel worried. Because of the low portion weight.

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In one study, participants lost an average of 8kg a year after switching high-calorie-density fats to fruits and vegetables. These are low calorie foods. At the same time, the waist measurement as well as the BMI was significantly lower.

Top 10 foods high in calories

Foods high in calories

Foods high in calories

Here are 10 high-calorie foods that you need to avoid while losing weight.

Fast food

The average calorie content calculated per 100g of food is 356 calories. Studies show that an average snack contains about twice the calories of a healthy meal.

  • 1197 calories in McDonald’s Luxury Breakfast with Syrup and Margarine
  • 1061 calories in Burger King Double Whopper with cheese
  • 961 calories in Denny’s Spaghetti and meatballs
  • 906 calories in Taco Bell Taco Salad

Processed Meat (Sausage)

Calories per 100g are defined as about 333 calories. Other processed meats vary in calorie content

  • 428 calories in 85g smoked sausage
  • 283 calories in bratwurst


Desserts are foods that should be avoided when losing weight

Desserts are foods that should be avoided when losing weight

The calorie count per 100g servings of desserts averages 315 calories. As one of the high-calorie foods, their content also varies from dish to dish.

  • 537 calories in a slice of chocolate frosting
  • 382 calories in a cup of ice cream
  • 367 calories in a slice of pineapple upside down
  • 290 calories in a slice of blueberry pie


Candy is a high-calorie food, especially chocolate. On average, the calorie content per 100g of candy is 477 calories. Other high-calorie candies:

  • 490 calories in Hershey’s Payday 100g bar
  • 458 calories in 85g white chocolate bar
  • 450 calories in 80g Hershey’s Pot of Gold Bar
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Fatty meat

The calories in 100g of high-fat meat are 255 calories. High-fat, reduced-calorie meats that you should note:

  • 495 calories in a price of pork ribs
  • 400 calories in 85g braised beef ribs
  • 290 calories in a fatty steak


Should limit the use of certain types of bread in the weight loss menu

Should limit the use of certain types of bread in the weight loss menu

The calories per 100g of bread are relatively large, about 345 calories. Different bread products have different calorie content:

  • 262 calories in 1 piece of naan bread
  • 261 calories in 1 bagel
  • 231 calories in 1 slice of bread pan
  • 168 calories in 1 corn muffin

Snacks (snacks)

Calorie per 100g of snack, snack equivalent to 557 calories. This is the most calorie-dense food with some high-calorie products such as:

  • 426 calories in 100g shrimp crackers
  • 416 calories in 100g of rice crackers
  • 293 calories in 1 cup low-oil tortillas

Sugary drinks

Bottled sugary drinks often bring many bad effects to health. The calorie count per 473ml bottle is 252 calories, equivalent to 51 calories per 100g. High-calorie sugary drinks:

  • 246 calories in 473ml horchata glass
  • 207 calories in 473ml cup of cola
  • 202 calories in pure beer 473ml

Red wine

Red wine

Alcohol is a high-calorie beverage

Calorie for each 148ml glass of wine is 236 calories, equivalent to 160 calories per 100g. Other high-calorie alcoholic beverages include:

  • 206 calories in 1 bottle of high alcohol beer
  • 154 calories in 44ml coffee ice cream (Baileys)
  • 153 calories in a 355ml can of beer
  • 29 calories in a 44ml glass of Zinfandel
  • 127 calories in a 44ml glass of red wine
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The calories in 30ml of seasoning are 132 calories, equivalent to 399 calories per 100g. Other condiments contain calories

  • 67 calories in one scoop of syrup
  • 56 calories in a scoop of jam
  • 29 calories in a scoop of BBQ sauce

If you’re trying to lose weight, limit your intake of most high-calorie foods. Some foods are naturally rich in healthy fats and can be consumed in small amounts.

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