How does the abuse of fat leave incalculable consequences?

What are the negative effects of fat abuse on the body? If you are not familiar with this issue, let “find the leaves deep” about the risks when the body has excess fat.

Throughout life, fats play a role in providing energy and supporting growth. However, if you do not supplement with this substance in the right dosage, you are likely to suffer many negative health effects!

Benefits of fat for the body

Usually, many people will think that fat brings bad benefits to health. Therefore, we inadvertently remove them from the daily menu.

Most of the body will absorb the fat in the food you eat every day. During absorption, fat will be broken down and transported to other parts of the body to perform functions:

  • Maintain healthy skin and hair.
  • Warm up the body and make sure the temperature stays at a constant level.
  • Helps cells function efficiently.
  • Acts as an absorbent for bones.
  • Helps the body absorb important vitamins like A, E, D and K.
  • Increase the body’s immunity.

Consequences of abusing fat

1. Risk of stomach cancer

One of the harmful factors of fat to our body is the reduction of vitamin C’s anti-cancer ability. According to research from experts, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can help “remove cancer” “Cancer agents are created when saliva and food mix with stomach acid.

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Excess fat will cause bad consequences for your health and physique

Excess fat will cause bad consequences for your health and physique

However, the scientists did a small experiment by adding fatty acids to the above mixture. They found that ascorbic acid no longer works to convert dangerous compounds into compounds that are safe for the body. Since then, experts have confirmed this finding suggests that diet may be linked to some stomach cancers.

2. Risk of breast cancer

Several warnings have been issued when fats are thought to cause breast cancer. For canned and sweet foods such as cakes, candies, soft drinks, etc., the case of excess fat in large amounts will bring many negative effects to the body.

Indeed, many studies show that consuming harmful fats in high amounts is very harmful to health, especially cardiovascular health. Even an excess of this substance has the potential to cause cancer, typically trans fats, also known as hydrogenated oils. Because their chemical composition contains hydrogen atom in the molecule.

3. Causing cardiovascular diseases

Fat is one of the causes of increased cholesterol in the blood. Especially when you consume trans fat, which is the fat that produces a lot of cholesterol). Cholesterol is a direct cause of plaque formation on the artery walls, causing atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.

In more dangerous cases, fat infiltrates and solidifies in the blood, creating fatty plaques of platelets that stick to the walls of blood vessels, leading to blockage of blood vessels, causing blockage of blood vessels. Over time, they lead to things like heart attack or stroke.

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How fat is good for the body?

Balancing the amount of fat loaded into the body every day will help maximize the benefits of this substance to health. You will avoid many risks of disease.

As mentioned, fat is the source of energy to make up cell membranes, participate in many reactions occurring inside the body. This is also the energy for the organs in the body to function.

Daily energy from fat when loaded into the body must be less than 20-25%

Daily energy from fat when loaded into the body must be less than 20-25%

You should choose good fats from plants. In fact, sources of bad fats are often found in animal foods and processed fish foods. As a rule, we should only get 30-35% of our energy from fat (10-15% from protein and 50-55% from carbohydrates).

However, for health reasons (especially for heart health), you should change your fat sources to the right amount: 25% from saturated fat, 50% from monounsaturated fat, and 50% from monounsaturated fat. 25% from polyunsaturated fats.

Through this article, you must have known the harmful effects of overusing fat in your daily meals. Therefore, to limit risks, you should plan a scientific diet, calculate the dose of additional nutrients that are suitable for your condition.

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