How to drink salted lemon to be good for the body?

Salted lemonade is a very familiar drink in the summer with a cool taste. Although viewed by many as a natural remedy, drinking salted lemon in the wrong way will not help the body get the desired benefits. Check out the best way to drink salted lemon right here!

Salted lemonade is used a lot in Asian countries, especially in Vietnam. Not only for refreshment, many sports drinks also add salted lemon to enhance electrolytes, probiotics and many beneficial nutrients.

Join to learn the benefits of drinking salted lemon water and how to use salted lemon to ensure health!

What are the benefits of drinking salted lemon water?

In addition to the delicious taste, drinking salted lemon also brings 7 great benefits to the body.

1. Drinking salted lemon helps beautiful skin and anti-aging

Lemons contain high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C. Each lemon can meet up to 187% of the daily vitamin C requirement.

Vitamin C is one of the good vitamins for women, can improve the skin, reduce wrinkles, freckles and make the skin look radiant, whiter.

beautiful skin vitamin C

Vitamin C found in lemons has a positive effect on skin health

2. Drinking salted lemon water can lose weight

Not only good for the skin, vitamin C also affects the rate of burning fat and excess calories in the body.

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In addition, salted lemon juice contains citric acid, an acid that helps control blood sugar levels, limiting sudden drops in sugar. This way, you will feel less cravings and eat less food.

3. Better Digestion System

When drinking salted lemon every day, you can add a lot of pectin fiber – a substance found in lemon peels, which is very important for intestinal functioning, especially the large intestine.

Drinking salted lemon water when waking up also helps remove waste accumulated in the body, thereby helping the digestive system to be healthier.

4. Salted lemon strengthens resistance

Once again, the extremely high vitamin C content in lemons comes into play. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C can prevent disease-causing viruses, help strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of many diseases.

5. Drink salted lemon to treat sore throat effectively

If you often suffer from mild sore throat, a glass of warm salted lemon juice every day will significantly improve this condition.

Lemon peel contains many essential oils and salt has an antiseptic effect, both ingredients combined will soothe the throat, relieve pain, itching and cough better. However, if you are seriously ill, you should see a doctor for appropriate treatment!

honey salt lemon

Warm salted lemon juice and honey help treat coughs and sore throats very well

6. Rehydration, mineral compensation, electrolyte balance

When you are active, especially when you are often involved in sports activities, a lot of vitamins and minerals can be lost through sweating.

Drinking salted lemon water will help you replenish water and lost electrolytes, so that your body can quickly regain energy and recover in the best way after exercise.

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7. Helps the liver work better and more efficiently

If you drink salted lemon regularly, the body will be supported to eliminate harmful toxins in the liver. At the same time, you are also supplemented with many enzymes and amino acids that are beneficial to the body.

Lemon juice will also help eliminate harmful bacteria, thereby contributing to your health.

How to make salted lemon at home

You can make your own salted lemon at home, store in an airtight container ready to use at any time.


  • Lemon: 1kg (should choose old lemon, thin peel)
  • Grain salt: 500g
  • Alum: 8-10g


    1. Remove the stem, wash the lemon and soak in dilute salt water.
    2. Use granulated salt to rub the lemon peel to remove the essential oil, to avoid the salted lemon being bitter.
    3. Mix alum with water, wash the lemon and then soak it in alum water for about 1-2 hours to make the lemon peel white and crispy.
    4. Bring the water to a boil, turn down the heat to low, then add the lemon to blanch for 1 minute, remove and drain.
    5. Put the lemons in a basket, cover with a cloth or towel on top to prevent dirt and then dry in the sun until the lemons are slightly dry.
    6. Put the lemon in a glass jar, mix 1l of water with 200g of salt (or 300-400g of salt depending on how salty you want). Pour the brine into the jar so that the lemons are submerged, use a block plate to prevent the lemons from floating and cover the lid.
    7. Leave the jar of lemon in the sun for 7-10 days and then transfer it to a cool dry place. After 1 month can start using.
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how to make salted lemon

Salted lemon can be made ready and used for many months

Drink lemon salt properly

Drink pre-soaked salted lemonade

If you have pre-soaked salted lemons, the best way is to mix half a lemon with 500ml of warm water. Using salted lemon in this way will help the body absorb nutrients better and maximize the benefits of this drink.

In addition, you can add a little honey to create a natural sweetness, adding salted lemon to some other drinks such as sugarcane juice will be a great choice to increase the flavor and make the drink more delicious.

Note: Salted lemonade outside the restaurant often has added sugar. So make your own at home to ensure good health!

Make your own lemonade with salt

In case you don’t have pickled lemons available but still want to drink salted lemonade to lose weight, you can mix 1 lemon with 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 liter of warm water. Drink salted lemon water after eating about 30 minutes, use 1-2l per day to improve weight.

Drinking salted lemon not only beautifies the body, brightens the skin but also has many other health benefits. Now you do not need to worry about drinking salted lemon water anymore. Make yourself a drink to get benefits every day!

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