How to make sweet potato jam is extremely simple to prepare for the upcoming Tet holiday

Tet holiday is coming, everyone is busy preparing to welcome the new year. In particular, the way to make sweet potato jam is the most sought-after recipe.

Sweet potato jam is a very familiar dish to every Vietnamese family, from ancient times to modern times. Sweet potatoes contain many vitamins, fiber, and antioxidant compounds that are beneficial to health. Not only that, the processing of sweet potatoes is also extremely diverse, from boiling, baking, frying to making jam. If you’re still wondering how to make soft, sweet sweet potato jam, read on!

First, does eating sweet potato jam make you gain weight?

In fact, there is no food that will make you gain weight. Only eating large amounts for a long time will make you “round”. Sweet potato jam is similar. If you eat it in moderation, sweet potato jam will provide many health benefits. If you eat too much, the amount of sugar in the body will increase, accompanied by the phenomenon of weight gain “suddenly”. So, you just need to eat in moderation, enjoy and be good for your body.

First, does eating sweet potato jam make you gain weight?

The sweet taste from sweet potato jam easily makes us “addicted”

Tips for choosing sweet potatoes to make jam

If put on the scale with other foods, sweet potatoes have a high cost advantage. Because of the low price, you don’t have to worry about “dirty” and “unsafe” sweet potatoes. In fact, this situation is rare, so you can buy sweet potatoes right at the market instead of going to the supermarket.

Sweet potatoes come in many colors: yellow, orange, purple or white and all of them are suitable for making jam. However, it is said that the best sweet potato to make jam must be the one with yellow flesh. Yellow potatoes are usually powdered potatoes, in the process of making jam, they will not be crushed or broken. When done, it will have a beautiful yellow color, very delicious jam, and sweet taste.

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When choosing potatoes, pay attention to choose potatoes that are firm, fresh, not dark, not crushed or chipped. The tubers that are pitted, blackened, showing signs of sprouting or soaking in water will make the jam unsatisfactory. In particular, if you focus on the “appearance” of jam, choose a medium sized sweet potato, not too big or not too small. Now let’s learn how to do it with!

How to make standard sweet potato jam without adjustment


  • 1kg sweet potato
  • 500g white granulated sugar
  • 30g white lime
  • Vanilla flavor (optional)
  • Supporting tools: sieve, large pan or pot, bowl, basket…


Step 1: Mix lime water in

First, you need to make lime juice the night before making sweet potato jam. The method is extremely simple, mix 30g of white lime with 1 liter of water. Then leave it overnight, the next morning take out the clear lime water because at this time the lime powder has settled to the bottom.

Step 2. Preliminary processing of sweet potatoes

Peel the sweet potato, wash it. Then cut the potatoes to your liking. You can cut them into squares, slices, or flower shapes. However, each piece of potato should have a moderate thickness, to help prevent the potato from being crushed during cooking.

During preliminary processing, cut any potato pieces, then immediately drop them into a basin of water. This action will prevent the potatoes from turning brown.

How to make standard sweet potato jam without adjustment

Soak the potatoes for about 30 minutes and then drain them

Step 3: Soak potatoes with clear lime water

After draining, you continue to soak the potatoes with clear lime water. Soak for about 3-5 hours, then take it out, wash it several times until the smell is gone. Clear lime juice has the effect of making jam flexible, chewy and clear. You do not need to worry about lime water because they are used a lot in the food industry and are quite safe.

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Step 4: Marinate potatoes with sugar

Next, you boil a pot of water, then quickly blanch the sweet potatoes, take them out, drain cold water and drain

After draining, you marinate the potatoes with the prepared sugar. If you want to adjust the amount as you like, prepare and marinate sugar in the ratio of 1kg potato: 500g white granulated sugar. Marinate the mixture for about 3-5 hours until the sugar is completely dissolved. While waiting, you can use chopsticks to stir back and forth, helping the potatoes to absorb the sugar evenly.

Step 5: Sweet potato jam slugs

After marinating, you proceed to put all the potatoes into a large pan or a thick-bottomed pot. You should cook on medium heat, occasionally stirring chopsticks so that the potatoes do not stick together.

When the sugar water starts to glue, turn the heat to the lowest setting and stir continuously. You can add vanilla flavor to the jam depending on your preference. If vanilla flavoring is added, stir gently for another minute and then turn off the heat.

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How to make sweet potato jam without lime juice

Lime water works to help sweet potatoes not break when slugs. However, you can completely replace lime juice with salted lemon juice, and at the same time keep the plasticity and clarity of each piece of jam.

The recipe remains the same, the only difference is that you can skip the lime water soak and soak the potatoes in the desired lemon juice instead of lime water.

To make salted lemonade, you just need to cut a lemon in half, remove the seeds, and get the lemon juice. Then, pour water into a clean bowl, add lemon juice, salt and stir well. Extremely simple, isn’t it?

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Instructions on how to preserve sweet potato jam

The best way to preserve sweet potato jam is to put it in a sealed glass jar, keep it in the refrigerator, it will keep for about 1 month. If you put the jams in a ziplock bag, they will last about 3 weeks, shorter when the weather is humid.

Avoid placing jam in places with direct sunlight, they will make the jam watery, easy to breed bacteria that cause abdominal pain. Moreover, cover tightly after use to prevent air from affecting the taste of jam.

Two common mistakes when making sweet potato jam

Excess or lack of sugar: If you want sweet potato jam to achieve consistency, moderate sweetness, follow the ratio of marinating 1kg of potatoes to 500g of sugar.

The fire is too loud when slug jam. When the fire is high, the water has not yet evaporated, the sugar is burned and glued, which can cause bitterness. So always watch for fire when slugs. To make it simpler, you break it down into 3 stages. Stage 1, when you just put the potatoes in the slug, you put it on medium heat. Stage 2, when the sugar water dries up, lower the heat to low. Stage 3, when the sugar is about to crystallize, you keep the fire to the lowest level and continuously stir.

Above is an extremely simple and easy way to make sweet potato jam that is dedicated to you. If you want to learn more about nutritious foods and interesting ways to prepare them, don’t miss the next articles by following them!

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