How to set up an effective boxing competition diet

You need a recipe to change for a suitable menu when fighting? Need to properly rehydrate mid-round? Confused with the boxing diet plan to prepare for the first match? The following article will be the answer you seek about boxing nutrition.

Boxing or boxing is a powerful fighting martial art and is attracted by high tempo as well as high technical blows. Large and small tournaments from amateur to professional are organized more and more to help boxers to rub and improve their skills. Therefore, to achieve high performance when playing. Nutrition will be an important factor in optimizing what a boxer can do in the ring.

Nutrition during exercise

To master the skills as well as how to improvise when playing. You will have to spend many hours sweating with the most extreme exercises. However, to achieve the highest efficiency in training sessions, you need to be fully replenished with energy and water.

Make sure your body is loaded with a variety of fruits and vegetables to provide the many vitamins and minerals it needs. This helps to improve the body’s resistance, health and resilience.

The amount of carbohydrates consumed before and after exercise such as bread, cereal .. will help provide enough energy and promote the recovery process. The amount of protein from meat should be divided evenly throughout the day with many servings to create the best conditions for muscle recovery and growth.

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Hydration for boxing

Many athletes who pay attention to weight management often do not compensate for the water loss during exercise. However, dehydration will reduce electrolytes, affecting cognition and the body’s ability to react. Moreover, it can aggravate head injuries during competition.

Make sure your body is fully hydrated every day when exercising. This is very important in improving exercise performance as well as health. You should stay hydrated with all meals, snacks, and during exercise. Remember to save sports drinks for when playing.

water supply

Adequate hydration is very important in improving exercise performance

Diet before competition

Before weighting

First, you need to understand the difference between short-term and long-term weight loss. Long-term weight loss requires the body to lose some amount of fat by reducing food intake. It is important that the diet satisfy hunger, reduce energy to reduce body fat but still have enough energy for workouts and promote recovery.

Reducing energy intake should start with stopping junk food such as chocolate, cakes, chips, etc. Besides reducing the amount of carbohydrates on rest days, you should add enough on the main training days.

Some boxers can fast, reducing the amount of food in the day before training. This, although highly effective for weight loss, also reduces the body’s energy levels, causing a lack of nutrients.

Instead, you can use a few strategies such as eating less salt, reducing fluid intake from food, adopting a low-residue diet.

After weighing

Usually in amateur and semi-professional tournaments, boxers will have 3 hours to prepare before competing. The period is very suitable to replenish the necessary substances and restore the lost water when dieting. You should drink small and frequent sips of water containing sodium for the best effect. Then a carbohydrate-rich meal will provide enough energy for the upcoming match.

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Boxing competition diet

Often boxers will find it difficult to eat before a fight. Therefore, choosing dry, easy-to-digest, low-fat and fiber-rich snacks is a suitable way to provide energy and reduce abdominal discomfort. Some suggestions for this meal such as a nutritious smoothie to replace a meal, an energy bar, a small sandwich, a biscuit… will fit the above requirements.

Nutritional recovery after the game

A main or light meal should be enhanced after competition or training. Meals should contain a lot of carbohydrates to replenish muscle glycogen stores, protein to promote muscle recovery, and make up for lost water in the body. The ideal time for this meal is about 30-60 minutes after the competition. In a situation where you can’t have a main meal, it’s a good idea to prepare a snack to start the recovery process.

post-match meal

Yogurt and fruit is a great menu to help you recover quickly

Some good recovery snack suggestions include:

  • Low-fat fruit smoothie
  • Cereal bar
  • Low fat milk
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Country
  • Ham and cheese bread
  • Sports drinks

Some other nutritional notes

Younger athletes should aim for weight gain rather than weight loss. At this age, you should focus more on developing skills, eating enough to develop your body, rather than tightening weight.

More experienced or older athletes should develop a weight loss and recovery plan to optimize performance during competition. In addition, find your own trusted sports nutritionist.

Weight loss and recovery diet strategies should be refined and tested before major competitions.

Supplements need to be used with advice from a dietitian or dietician to get the best results.

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Hopefully, this article will help you create an effective boxing competition diet that is right for you. Besides if you need more information boxing, nutrition, health. And more than that, a reliable online coach, download right away.

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