Is eating noodles fat? How to eat noodles to lose weight?

Is eating noodles fat? How many calories are in noodle dishes? These are the questions asked by many people, especially those who are in the weight loss phase. Because, vermicelli is a very familiar and attractive dish in Vietnam. Moreover, when eating vermicelli, it is often served with meat, spring rolls, broth, dipping sauce…

Therefore, the issue of gaining weight after eating noodles has received a lot of attention. This article will help you better understand whether eating noodles affects weight or not.

Ingredients in vermicelli

If we want to know if eating vermicelli is fat, eating vermicelli can lose weight, we must first find out what vermicelli is made of and what ingredients it has. From there, we can easily calculate the calories in vermicelli and know how to use this dish safely.

ingredients of vermicelli

Vermicelli with main ingredients from rice

Vermicelli is made from rice, so the main ingredient in fresh noodles is starch. Thus, the question of whether vermicelli is starch has a clear answer. This dish is actually a lot of starch, from the grains of rice, vermicelli is processed into products after processing. Of course, vermicelli is in the form of fibers, but the essence of the ingredients to make them is from rice.

From there, we also have the answer to the question about the calories in vermicelli. According to scientific research, the Institute of Nutrition under the Ministry of Health announced that every 100g of fresh vermicelli will have about 110 calories. They are a slow starch, with a low GI.

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Is eating noodles fat?

Wanting to answer the question of whether eating noodles is fat does not have to rely on many factors. Depending on the processing method, the way we eat, vermicelli can help lose weight, but it can also make you gain weight out of control. Let’s take a look at the calories in some of the following noodle dishes:

1. Noodles with tofu with shrimp paste

The main ingredients of this dish are fresh vermicelli, fried tofu, boiled pork belly or pork leg, spring rolls, grilled sausages, herbs and shrimp paste. These foods all contain a lot of calories, so eating noodles with shrimp paste has a great risk of leading to weight gain. According to reviews, an average serving of Bun Dau Mam Shrimp has about 689 to about 721 calories.

Noodles with bean paste with shrimp paste

Noodles with shrimp paste and shrimp paste are easier to gain weight than you think

2. Crab noodle soup

How many calories are in vermicelli? A bowl of crab noodle soup has about 447 to 525 calories, besides this bowl of vermicelli also has about 25g of fat. Therefore, eating vermicelli crab can also cause weight gain, but not as fast as vermicelli with shrimp paste. We need to eat noodles scientifically, avoid eating in the evening or late at night. Eat the right amount of vermicelli compared to the body’s energy needs, avoid overeating, making excess calories.

Crab noodle soup

Don’t eat vermicelli late at night

3. Is eating beef noodle soup fat?

Another type of vermicelli that many people love is beef noodle soup. The main ingredients to make this dish are fresh vermicelli and beef. We all know beef is high in protein, low in fat and healthy. But not because of that, beef noodle soup will be a safe food for people who want to lose weight. Each bowl of beef noodle soup has 397 to 415 calories. If you want to eat vermicelli to lose weight, this will be a better choice than vermicelli with shrimp paste.

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Beef rice noodles

If you don’t want to gain weight, you shouldn’t use fatty water when eating beef noodles

4. Does Bun Cha cause overweight?

Similar to bun bo, bun cha is also a type of vermicelli with relatively low calorie and fat content. The part of fried rice served with vermicelli is usually made from lean meat, grilled on charcoal, so it will minimize the amount of fat in it. Besides, eating bun cha we eat with a lot of vegetables, so it will neutralize nutrients. Each serving of bun cha has about 535 to 557 calories. If you know how to maintain a scientific eating method, the risk of weight gain is significantly reduced.

bun cha

When eating bun cha, you should eat a lot of vegetables

5. Noodle soup

When you eat a bowl of noodle soup, you have consumed more than 600 calories in your body. Because the ingredients that make up this type of vermicelli are made from pork leg meat, fresh vermicelli, minced meat, bean sprouts, herbs, chili, etc., which provide nutrients such as starch, protein, fat, water, vitamins, etc. Both are very rich in nutrients.


A bowl of noodle soup is relatively high in calories

How to eat noodles to lose weight

Although almost all types of noodles are high in calories, they can still help with weight loss if used correctly, so you should keep the following in mind:

  • Only eat a sufficient amount of vermicelli to meet your nutritional needs.
  • Limit noodles that are high in fat and calories.
  • Do not eat vermicelli in the evening or late at night.
  • Combine eating noodles with more exercise such as swimming, hitting shuttlecock, jogging, boxing, etc.
  • When eating noodles, try to eat with lots of green vegetables to add fiber to the body, in addition, you should also eat vegetables first to limit the amount of noodles absorbed into the body.
  • Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins and prevent fat accumulation.
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If you eat properly as noted above, weight loss with vermicelli is very effective. Vermicelli has a preprocessed amount of starch, so it does not make you gain weight as quickly as when eating white rice. Using vermicelli as breakfast is more reasonable than dinner.

How to eat noodles to lose weight

When eating noodle dishes, you should give priority to eating vegetables

So the question of whether eating noodles is fat has an answer. Although noodles are delicious and can be prepared in many ways, eat them sparingly as they contain quite a lot of calories. So if vermicelli is your favorite dish, maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your body supple, slim, and balanced.

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