Is protein infusion good for people who need to gain weight?

Protein is the building block of muscle mass in the body. For those who are thin and weak, increasing muscle mass is very important. That is the reason that many people often “communicate” to each other the method of protein infusion to gain weight. Let’s find out with whether protein infusion is good for people who need to gain weight.

Is protein infusion good for people who need to gain weight?

Protein or protein infusion is when we bring beneficial nutrients into the body by injection or infusion into the aorta. Proper protein infusion is a method to help the body recover from a state of fatigue or weakness caused by exhausting work.

Scientists have studied and concluded that protein infusion helps muscles increase significantly in size. However, this is not really good and effective if abused.

So protein infusion to gain weight is a misconception? According to health experts, this method does not provide energy every day, but only helps you feel better at the present time.

Even if the protein infusion is not strictly according to the doctor’s instructions, the person receiving the transfusion can be in danger of life. Therefore, protein infusion for weight gain is not recommended.

According to the medical community, protein infusion should only be applied to people who are sick and debilitated by working or studying too hard. Because this group of people cannot get energy in the usual way like us, they have to directly infuse nutrients into the body.

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However, cases with a history of heart disease, stomach pain, alcohol poisoning, etc. It is not recommended to use protein infusion to fuel the body.

Does protein infusion gain weight from a scientific point of view?

Scientists have found that protein infusion can significantly increase muscle size and strength. At the same time, this method also positively affects those suffering from muscular dystrophy.

The scientists found that the protein infusion was similar to the use of insulin by diabetics.

These results were published November 27 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Dr. Julia von Maltzahn and Dr. Michael Rudnicki, the Ottawa scientist who discovered human muscle stem cells. great.


Protein infusion significantly increases muscle size and strength

“We know that this protein, called Wnt7a, has the ability to promote the growth and repair of healthy muscle tissue. In this study, we used a guinea pig model for experiments.

We found that the Wnt7a-injected mice gained nearly twice as much muscle strength as the non-injected group. We also found that the size of the muscle fibers was increased and there was less muscle damage compared with mice without Wnt7a.”

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is an inherited disorder affecting one in 3,500 b at birth. In Canada, all types of muscular dystrophy affect more than 50,000 people. The disease often progresses to a state where the muscles are exhausted causing the person to die from the inability to breathe.

Biotech partner Fate Therapeutics is currently developing Wnt7a-based therapeutic applications for the treatment of muscular dystrophy and atrophy. Preclinical evaluation is ongoing and the company plans to start clinical trials in the near future.

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Conclusion: Does protein infusion gain weight? The answer is yes, but only for special cases of illness and malnutrition. If used improperly, the person receiving the transmission will face major health risks. To gain weight, you have a lot of healthier and healthier ways.

The secret to effective weight loss

If protein infusion to gain weight is not a good way, shouldn’t we just live with a thin body forever? Let’s find out effective and safe weight loss methods!

Healthy eating

A suitable diet also helps the body to significantly lose weight. Instead of just eating 3 main meals, add 1 to 2 snacks a day to replenish the necessary energy. In the main meal, you should make sure the foods contain all the nutrients and protein groups such as starch, protein, fat, and fiber.

In particular, breakfast is an extremely important meal, so never skip your breakfast. This important meal is the premise to determine your working day. At lunch and dinner, you should fully replenish all substances.

After dinner, you can dessert with some ripe fruit to add vitamins. People who need to gain weight should remember that the nutrients in the body must be more than the amount that you consume daily.


The right diet also helps the body lose weight effectively

In the snack, you can eat fruits with many vitamins such as avocado, banana, orange… or can replace with a cup of milk, yogurt, ice cream… cereals are also a good choice for improving your weight.

Use functional foods

Currently, the market appears many types of functional foods such as weight gain powder, weight gain cereals, and many other functional foods. It is important that you are really awake and discerning to find the right and quality product to supplement your body.

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energy food

Please choose suitable and quality products to supplement your body

Exercise regularly

Exercise is also an effective secret to helping you gain weight. Because when exercising, the amount of food and calories will be burned. As a result, we expend a considerable amount of energy.

This energy expenditure will help us to feel hunger and cravings. This is the best way to help slim people gain weight effectively.

muscle training

Exercising every day is the best way to gain weight

Through the article, you probably have the answer to the question of whether protein infusion is good. This is absolutely not recommended weight gain method. Instead, you should regularly practice a combination of a nutritious and scientific diet.

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