Kaiping Diaolou and villages – World Cultural Heritage in China

Kaiping Diaolou and Villages features Diaolou, multi-storey defensive village houses in Kaiping that exhibit a complex and vibrant combination of Chinese and Western decorative and structural forms. They reflect the important role of the Kaiping migrants in the development of several countries in South Asia, Australia and North America, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There are four groups of Diaolou and twenty. among the most iconic groups inscribed on the List. These buildings come in three forms: communal towers built by several families and used as temporary refuges, residential towers built by individual wealthy families and used as permanent residences. , and watchtower. Built of stone, piles of brick or concrete, these buildings represent a complex and confident fusion of Chinese and Western architectural styles. Maintaining a harmonious relationship with the surrounding landscape, Diaolou exemplifies the final flowering of a local building tradition that began during the Ming Dynasty to deal with local bandits.

Accreditation year: 2007
Criteria: (ii)(iii)(iv)
Area: 371,948 ha
Buffer zone: 2,738,052 ha
Guangdong Province

Outstanding global value

Diaolou and their surrounding villages embody Outstanding Universal Value thanks to a complex and sure combination of Chinese and Western architectural styles, for the ultimate flowering of tower building traditions local, for their complete and unchanging condition due to their short lifespan as fortified houses and forgiving comparison and for their harmonious relationship with their agricultural landscape.

Criterion (ii): Diaolou physically exhibits an important exchange of human values ​​– architectural styles brought back from North America by the Chinese and combined with agrarian traditions local village – in a particular cultural area of ​​the world.

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Criterion (iii): The construction of defensive towers has been a local tradition in the Khai Binh area since the Ming Dynasty to deal with local bandits. The nominated Diaolou represents the ultimate flourishing of this tradition, in which the conspicuous wealth of the repatriated Chinese contributed to the spread of bandits, and their towers are a reflection. extreme response.

Criterion (iv): The main towers, with their layout and through ostentatious display of wealth, are a type of building that reflects the important role Khai Binh migrants played in development. of several countries in South Asia, Australia and North America, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the ongoing connections between the Kaiping and Chinese communities in these parts of the world. .

The integrity and integrity of the specified properties are evident to the extent that all elements of their value are intact; the size of each property is appropriate as the features and processes that convey meaning are fully expressed in the towers and the small villages around them with small houses and farmland. The nominated Diaolou, their surrounding village houses and agricultural landscapes are all real, except for a few houses in Sanmenli Village.

Since 2001, all Dieu Lou has been protected as national monuments under the Law on Protection of Cultural Relics 1982 and is also governed by Provincial and Municipal Regulations. A buffer zone has been set up. The overall conservation status of Diaolou is good; conservation status of village communal house and reasonable agricultural landscape. No extensive conservation work has been done. However, minor repairs were still carried out as needed and inappropriate construction interventions were cancelled. A management plan for the nominated property has been drawn up by Peking University under the auspices of the Kaiping City People’s Government. It has been done since 2005.

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Map of Khai Binh Dieu Lau and villages

Yinglong Lou (in Sanmenli village):
Zili Village and Fang Clan Watchtower: https://goo.gl/maps/JxfxYkHSQTfhqTEp7
Ma Giang Long Village Cluster: https://goo.gl/maps/u8h1T2s6eMwZyuUS6
Jingjiangli Village:

Video about Khai Binh Dieu Lau and villages

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