Notes on the boxing diet that boxers need to know

Usually first-time boxers learn about the exercises first. However, for the exercises to bring a clear effect for themselves, it is also determined by the boxing nutrition. So let’s learn the following notes about boxing nutrition with

Boxing is a pinnacle martial art that attracts many people to practice every year. But before you get ready to break a sweat by jumping rope or hitting your first punch in the sandbag, you need to pay attention to your diet. There are many things from muscle gain, weight gain, weight loss, fat loss, recovery in boxing all depend a lot on nutritional factors.

Why do you need to eat before boxing?

For any sport, especially boxing. You cannot exercise effectively on an empty stomach. Fasting while exercising will make you lose strength, reducing your performance. prolongs the healing process and increases the risk of injury.

You need a healthy and balanced diet of foods. This diet must ensure that you provide enough nutrients to promote muscle building, and provide enough energy for recovery. More specifically, you need to eat a lot to satisfy hunger but do not make it feel heavy during exercise.

When to eat to get the best performance when working out?

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, you have to eat. Everyone thinks athletes will avoid eating fast food, away from fat and chemical sugar. Instead, stick to servings rich in protein, vegetables, and fresh fruit. But we often overlook the right time of day to eat.

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Forget about eating 3 meals a day

The first is that you forget about the plan of 3 main meals a day. According to this diet, the energy you need to expend during exercise is a lot. When you hit the sandbag or exercise with jumping rope, the amount of calories absorbed by the body increases sharply. Therefore, a boxer’s diet must be calculated on the amount of calories they consume daily. Instead of 3 main meals a day, boxers should switch to eating 5 or 6 small meals which will be more reasonable.

The reason is that when we eat too much, the excess will be converted into fat by the body. Besides, eating 3 meals will make the waiting time too long between meals. This will slow down the body’s metabolism and increase fat storage because we tend to eat more at the next meal.

eat many small meals

Instead of 3 main meals a day, boxers should switch to eating many small meals.

Eat 6 meals a day

Split meals will help you gain or lose weight depending on how many calories you calculate based on your goals. It is important that 6 meals a day will help maintain optimal energy levels for training.

In these 6 meals, you only need 2 main meals to wake up and 1.5 to 2 hours before exercise. In addition, you also need to pay attention to eat before you feel too hungry and finish eating before feeling full.

Between 2 meals are 4 snacks with snacks to help relieve hunger whenever to maintain energy levels. Especially the evening meal is light enough for the body to recover after a tiring day. If you can follow this plan you won’t have to do extra exercise to reduce the extra calories after each meal.

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Eat every two to three hours

If you like to jog in the morning then you should skip breakfast and eat it after you finish your run. This may make you feel nauseous, but it will help you lose weight effectively and warm up your abs.

The main meal before training should be eaten 2 hours before and adjusted depending on your training time. After your workout is over, the ideal time to eat is within 30 minutes. This will prompt your body to start the healing process and help you stay fat-free.

Some ideas for pre-workout meals

An ideal meal to build muscle, lose weight and lose fat while still feeling full must include:

  • 45 – 65% carbohydrates
  • 10 – 35% protein
  • 20-35% fat

essential nutrition

Provide the right amount of nutrients needed to help gain muscle and lose fat.

So we have some suggestions for a snack before you put on your workout gloves:

  • A banana
  • Dry fruit
  • Toast with fruit jam
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal with skim milk
  • Oatmeal and fruit

For a main meal 2 hours before a workout we will have an example:

  • 100g pasta or brown rice
  • 1 boiled egg or a slice of cold meat
  • 330ml water
  • 1 fresh fruit: apple, pear, banana, grape…

Hopefully, the above notes will help you build a boxing diet that suits your goals. Wish you successful and effective training with a passion for boxing.

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What Diet Should a Boxer Follow? Accessed date: 09/29/2020

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