Pear ki ma (chicken egg) is good but many people neglect it

Leki ma is a delicious super fruit that is good for your gut and skin. But how do you use this fruit?

Leki ma is classified as a superfood because of the nutritional values ​​it brings. Have you heard of this fruit? If not, the following article will help you understand more about the origin, benefits and nutritional value of this precious fruit.

What kind of fruit is a pear?

The kima pear, also known as the chicken egg, is native to the valleys of the Andes. The fruit is round, the skin can be yellow to brown and the pulp is yellow. People usually remove the skin and seeds and eat only the fleshy part of the fruit.

In its natural form, pear kima looks like an unripe avocado or mango with a green outer skin. Once opened, you will see a golden yellow flesh, which tastes like caramel ice cream. Its texture is not soft or mushy but dry, which is why people often add it to smoothies, ice cream and other sweets.

Lekima is often touted as a rich source of nutrients including beta-carotene, vitamin B3, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals. It also contains protein, antioxidants and fiber.

In Vietnam, fresh pears are quite popular. However, in the US, this fruit is more commonly known in powder form, which is more dry. Its unique, sweet taste has been likened to maple, pumpkin, sweet potato and caramel. This fruit’s recent popularity comes from its ability to serve as an alternative sweetener.

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What kind of fruit is the kima pear?

A chicken egg is green on the outside, but the inside is yellow

Nutritional value of chicken eggs

You may be surprised to discover that pears are quite high in protein compared to the fruit. A 100g serving will give you 7g of muscle building protein. Also surprising is that one serving of this fruit meets 14% of your recommended daily iron intake (RDA): 2.5mg. Eggs also contain high levels of potassium, around 470mg, equivalent to 10% of the recommended daily intake of potassium.

With every serving of fresh or powdered fruit, you also get a great dose of B vitamins – especially vitamins B3 (13% of your RDA) and B1 (12% of your RDA). Eggs provide a dose of soluble and insoluble fiber to help avoid constipation and aid digestion.

With each serving of pears, you also get a variety of powerful antioxidants, including polyphenols and carotenoids like xanthophylls – all of which help protect your body against oxidative stress and the damaging effects of free radicals. . Finally, pears provide a modest amount of vitamin C and huge water content along with several other trace minerals like calcium to keep you hydrated and healthy.

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Nutritional value of chicken eggs

Compared to other fruits, the protein content in chicken eggs is in the form of “surprise”.

Benefits of leki ma

Despite its long history of use, chicken eggs have been tested in very few scientific studies. However, some preliminary research suggests that this fruit may offer certain health benefits.

The health benefits of an egg often come from its antioxidants, which protect the cells in the body from free radicals generated during the breakdown of food. The damage caused by free radicals can lead to serious diseases like cancer. This fruit is also advertised as having a high fiber content. Fiber helps your digestive system work properly. It also contains trace amounts of some vitamins and minerals, but not enough to provide a significant source of these nutrients.

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Eggs can benefit your health in a number of ways, including:

Diabetes control

One study found that egg extract was effective in inhibiting blood sugar spikes and hypertension associated with type 2 diabetes. Eggs are high in complex carbohydrates (starch and fiber) than simple carbohydrates (sugars). Complex carbohydrates are harder to digest and therefore less likely to raise blood sugar than simple carbohydrates, and leek is more diabetes-friendly than many sweeteners.

The glycemic index is a method for assessing the impact of carbohydrates on blood sugar and is an important tool in meal planning for people with diabetes. Some people have claimed that pear powder has a lower glycemic index, which means it is better for maintaining stable blood glucose levels.

Benefits of leki ma

Some studies show that eggs can help inhibit blood sugar spikes

Prevent constipation

Eggs contain a lot of insoluble fiber. This type of fiber adds bulk to the stool and helps remove waste from the system.

Protects against cancer and heart disease

Eggs are high in polyphenols and carotenoids, antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and heart disease as well as diabetes.

Good for skin

There is also some evidence that pear seed oil may help speed wound healing. In an animal-based study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2010, scientists determined that compounds found in fenugreek seed oil accelerate wound closure and promotes skin regeneration.

How to process pears?

Leki ma or fresh chicken eggs can be a delicious dessert. However, you can also use an egg to make a cool smoothie. You can also use pear powder to substitute baking sugar. However, unlike sugar, pear powder does not like water. If your dough seems thick and dry, you may need more moisture. Add a tablespoon of moist ingredients at a time like milk, water, yogurt, apple sauce, mashed banana, etc. until your dough has a smoother consistency.

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Due to limited research, it’s too soon to use leek for any health condition. It’s important to note that self-treating a condition (such as high blood pressure or diabetes) with leukoplakia and avoiding or delaying standard care can have serious consequences. If you are considering using leek ma to treat a medical condition, consult your doctor.

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