Protein in bananas: An energy source for gym goers

From time immemorial, banana has been a family favorite food in main meals and side meals. Bananas are packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, and antioxidants. For bodybuilders, the source of protein in bananas will greatly assist you during your training!

Perhaps sometimes you have heard many “senior” bodybuilders give advice to eat bananas during exercise. So why bananas and not other fruits? Let’s learn how to eat and how much is enough with!

The “King” of fruits supports gym people

How many calories does a banana contain, how much protein is in a waxy or porcelain banana? Usually, many people will be interested in how many calories and how much protein a banana contains to arrange this food in their diet.

Protein in bananas: An energy source for gym goers

Banana (scientific name is Musa acuminate) is a popular fruit of tropical agriculture. The fruit is praised by many scientists because it contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

In particular, bananas, pepper bananas, and porcelain bananas are the most familiar types of bananas to Vietnamese people. There are many other types of bananas in the world, including the Fe’i Banana from the South Pacific region, which is noticed by many people because of its fancy shape (round banana head) and spiritual meaning.

Although it is mentioned as a very healthy fruit, not everyone knows how to eat bananas properly. Let’s find out some information about the nutritional content of a banana.

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How many calories and protein does a banana contain?

According to research, if a banana weighs 100g, it will contain about 88.7 kcal and 1.1g of protein. If you eat 2 100g bananas, your calorie intake is equivalent to eating a bowl of rice.

Thus, you have answered the question of 1 banana contains how many calories, how much protein. The above numbers show that eating bananas will help the practitioner load a lot of energy into the body.

The nutritional content in bananas is higher than most other fruits. One normal banana (100g) contains about 92 calories; 1.03g protein; 23g carbohydrates; 3g fiber; 9.1mg vitamin C and 396mg potassium.

These are all important nutrients for the body. For example, with carbohydrates, when performing physical activities, your muscles use glycogen – a type of carbohydrate, as “fuel” to provide energy.

Therefore, gym people also need to be replenished with carbohydrates both before and after exercise (from 30 to 60 minutes). Because this helps increase muscle endurance during exercise.

That’s why tennis players often eat bananas during breaks. This fruit of the herb family provides players with enough calories so that they can compete continuously for 3-5 hours without running out of energy.

Benefits of eating bananas for gym people

Bananas do not have a direct impact on muscle growth because the nutritional composition of bananas is only starch and sugar. However, in bananas there is fructose – a fast form of sugar – that can be absorbed into the bloodstream in a very short time.

This substance provides and restores energy to muscles during exercise. This is very necessary in the gym and is also the biggest advantage of bananas.

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eat bananas while exercising

Bananas have fructose – a fast form of sugar – which is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly

If the exercise is heavy or too hard, the practitioner will easily face the phenomenon of sugar drop, especially those who are new to the practice. At this time, your body has not yet adapted to the volume of exercise.

If the condition is milder, the practitioner will appear dizzy and dizzy. The most dangerous thing is that you are likely to faint. Thus, the fast absorption of fructose is very beneficial for the gymer during the training session.

When to eat and the amount of bananas needed for gym people

Whether to eat bananas or not and how to set up the diet depends on the purpose of the exercise. However, exercise requires the body to load a lot of nutrients. In particular, some nutrients that you should add to your muscles are potassium. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and protein.

banana benefits

Bananas are rich in potassium and protein

As the ingredients shared above, a banana contains about 105 calories, has no fat and has almost 3g of fiber. According to nutritionists, one banana will have 27g of carbohydrates.

If you subtract 3g of fiber, there will be about 24g of starch and sugar in bananas. Based on the above components, sports people will be able to rely on it to choose the purpose of training.

A pre-workout banana snack will help provide adequate carbohydrates and potassium so your muscles can function properly. More simply, practitioners can peel bananas and eat them directly, bite into small pieces and chew them slowly.

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Eat one fruit about 20-30 minutes before starting the exercise. After that, you can eat 1 more fruit, divided into 2-3 servings, during the whole exercise. Of course, if you eat while exercising, you also need to pay attention.

Practitioners should not eat immediately after performing a heavy exercise and breathing has not returned to normal. Ideally, you should eat bananas between exercises. That’s how long you can take a 1-3 minute break.

Besides that. According to many experts, you should also eat half a banana before or in the middle of a workout and eat the other half at the end of the workout to help reduce muscle pain, fight inflammation, and speed up exercise performance and recovery. Don’t forget to drink water to keep your body hydrated.

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