Quinoa: healthy and beautiful people with super foods

Quinoa is a food that is becoming very popular around the world. This is a food that is being trusted by the world’s top supermodels, including supermodel Kate Upton, to add to their diet to keep fit and protect health. Does this type of food really have such a “divine” effect? Let’s learn about quinoa superfood with increaseheightblog.com!

Quinoa, also known as quinoa, is known as the “mother of all nuts”. This type of food has a very high nutritional value, helping to fully replenish the body with nutrients. Besides, the use of quinoa as a substitute food can support the body to prevent some dangerous diseases such as heart disease, obesity and depression.

Learn about quinoa

Quinoa is a food that has been used by humans since ancient times

Quinoa is a food that has existed for a long time and has been used by humans for a long time. This food has been around for 5000 years and was discovered and consumed by the Incas in the Peruvian region. The ancient Incas used these nuts as a staple food and to this day they are still widely used around the world.

Quinoa seeds are round, small in shape, like caviar, millet or green lentils. Although it looks and behaves relatively similar to other grains, the plant that produces quinoa is itself a plant similar to spinach and beets.

This seed is a very nutritious food. This food contains a large amount of protein, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are also gluten-free. Therefore, it is a recommended food for people who are vegan or follow a gluten-free diet.

There are many varieties of this grain, but the most common are white, red and black quinoa. In particular, white seeds are soft and have the mildest taste, red and black seeds are harder. This type of food is widely sold in supermarkets and some food stores as well as e-commerce sites.

Nutritional composition of quinoa

Nutritional composition of quinoa

Quinoa has high nutritional value and contains many minerals

This seed is a food that contains a lot of nutrients and provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals for the body. This food when processed is usually hydrated, so it contains 71.6% water, 21.3% carbohydrates, 4.4% protein and the rest 1.92% fat.

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Research shows that, in 100g of cooked quinoa seeds, there are the following nutrients:

  • Calories: 120
  • Carbohydrates: 21.3g
  • Protein: 4.4g
  • Fiber: 2.8g
  • Fat: 1.9g
  • Sugar: 0.9g

In which, carbohydrates account for 21% of the amount of carbs found in barley and rice. This carb is mostly starch and the rest is fiber, a small amount of beneficial sugar. Quinoa is a food with a relatively low glycemic index. Therefore, the consumption of this type of food does not cause blood sugar to rise rapidly. This helps improve a number of conditions related to overweight and obesity as well as a number of other diseases.

Quinoa also contains a large amount of fiber, up to 10%. Up to 80% of this fiber is insoluble fiber. This amount of insoluble fiber is an important factor to help support digestive activity, improve bowel movements. Therefore, the consumption of this nut helps to prevent some gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids and improves overall health. In addition, some studies have also shown that insoluble fiber is associated with a reduced risk of diabetes.

Proteins are the building blocks of all tissues in the body, so they help build muscle and promote growth. Quinoa is also a great source of protein for the body. They contain up to nine essential amino acids that the body can, including the amino acid lysine, which plants usually do not have. The amount of protein contained in this seed is comparable to the high-quality proteins found in dairy products. In addition, these foods do not contain gluten, so they are suitable for people with gluten sensitivity or allergies.

Quinoa is also a perfect source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The minerals that these nuts provide include: manganese, phosphorus, copper, folate (vitamin B9), iron, magnesium, zinc and fiber. This food is actually a richer source of minerals than many common grains.

Quinoa also contains several phytochemicals such as quercetin and kaempferol. These are antioxidants that help the body fight many chronic diseases. According to some studies, kaempferol is a substance that helps protect the body against infections, heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer such as liver cancer and skin cancer. Meanwhile, the compound quercetin helps strengthen the body’s immunity, helping to prevent infections or inflammation.

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Health benefits of quinoa seeds

Health benefits of quinoa seeds

Diet with quinoa helps prevent many dangerous diseases

Quinoa is a nutritious food that is rich in minerals and plant compounds. Some studies show that a healthy diet with this food can help us from some of the following conditions.

Helps prevent type 2 diabetes

Several studies have shown that high consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, and refined sugar is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. People with type 2 diabetes have a condition where the body does not effectively use insulin, causing blood sugar levels to rise leading to dangerous complications. Experts have shown that consuming quinoa can significantly reduce cholesterol, sugar and fat levels, helping to prevent and improve type 2 diabetes.

Helps prevent overweight and obesity

This type of food is higher in protein than other foods such as rice, corn or whole wheat. Protein is a very important factor in weight loss because it promotes metabolism and satiety. In addition, the fiber in these nuts also helps create a feeling of fullness and improves gut health. Therefore, this type of food is a recommended food to help support weight loss, prevent overweight, obesity and related diseases.

Helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, cancer

This grain contains more antioxidants and phytochemicals than other grains. In addition, quinoa is a rich source of vitamin E. Experts have shown that these substances are good antioxidant compounds that help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, assist in the prevention of certain diseases. cancers and some vision disorders.

Healthy pregnancy

Folate or vitamin B9 is an essential vitamin that plays an important role during pregnancy because they help form neural tubes and DNA for the fetus. Experts have recommended that women get enough folate during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in babies. In addition, getting enough folate in the diet can also reduce the risk of depression.

The perfect source of iron

Iron is an essential mineral for many processes and activities in the human body. Iron helps make red blood cells that carry oxygen in the blood, helping to provide energy and function to cells throughout the body. Maintaining adequate iron levels is essential for maintaining good health. Supplementing with quinoa in recommended doses can provide most of the daily iron needed to help support healthy connective tissue and muscle metabolism.

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Besides iron, this seed contains a lot of magnesium – a substance necessary for the operation of more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

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Some attractive dishes from quinoa

Some attractive dishes from quinoa

Quinoa can be easily combined with many foods

Quinoa salad, fresh avocado and grilled shrimp

This is an extremely simple dish that is easy to make and attractive for those who are on a diet but are busy and do not have too much time. The quinoa seeds you need to wash and cook with a little water to bloom, peeled shrimp, lightly grilled with olive oil and a little salt, peeled avocados cut into small cubes. Finally, you just need to mix the three ingredients and adjust the seasoning with a little salt, a little lime juice and mint leaves to suit your taste. This is an extremely healthy dish that adds perfect nutrition to your daily routine.

Vegetable quinoa salad

This is a very simple salad, with ingredients including cooked quinoa, cucumber, tomato, diced bell pepper, and boiled peas. You just need to mix all the above ingredients with mayonnaise and you will have a healthy “green” salad. This is a healthy and nutritious dish suitable for weekend meals with the family.

Quinoa replaces rice

This is a dish that is used by many models and actors around the world because they help to lose weight and keep fit. Quinoa seeds, after washing with water, will be cooked with a little water until the seeds bloom. This type of food can be easily used with other soups and stir-fries similar to white rice. This use is very suitable for those who want to diet to prevent disease but are not used to certain dishes such as salads and diet foods.

You can refer to the article 5 ways to prepare quinoa seeds to supplement protein for the body to know some more attractive dishes from this hat.

In general, quinoa is a food with high nutritional value, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals for a healthy body. Experts recommend adding this “superfood” to the family’s diet to prevent some dangerous conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

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