Sa Sung: The “gold” specialty used to be a tribute to the king and mandarin

Sa Sung is considered a food only rich people use. What is the reason why this seafood has such a “heavenly” price?

Sa worm (geo ginseng) is a popular seafood in Vietnam and southern provinces of China. It is an extremely precious seafood and is likened to a “natural main noodle”. In the past, this type of seafood was often used as tribute to kings and mandarins. Because they are great tributes, they are of great value.

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Sa Sung is considered a food only rich people use.  What is the reason why this seafood has such a

Seafood is likened to “natural main noodles”

Sa worm in Vietnam, is a type of worm that is likened to “earth ginseng” and has other names such as earthworm, worm, cut potato, sea worm, earth ginseng., Bi bi, I scraped the ground. They are about 5-10cm long, some can be 15-40cm long, 20cm in diameter, weighing 1-3kg. When caught, it turns itself into a ball. Its skin is soft and cool, it changes color in different environments. This is a specialty that is very good for human health. Dishes cooked from this food are literally expensive.

This is a type of food used by chefs in Vietnam and southern China a lot. It is also known as a specialty dish, in Guangdong, Hainan, Guanxi and Fujian.

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Nutritional composition in wormwood

Sa Sung is considered one of the “golden” foods thanks to its impressive nutrient content. Based on the results of approximate analysis, the main nutrients in this worm include protein, fat, ash, water and crude fiber.

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Protein level

Protein is an essential building block for the body’s cells and tissues. The high levels of protein in the worms are thought to be due to the large amounts of silt deposited in their habitat. The existence of these sediments would benefit the worms as a food source. It is high in protein because it uses sediment as a food source. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are organic materials deposited in sedimentary layers.

Fat level

Contains a large amount of healthy fatty acids

Contains a large amount of healthy fatty acids

Fat content in worms is 12.766% equivalent to 100 grams of fresh worms. Variations in the fat content of their meat are influenced by water content, habitat, size and nutrition. Seaworms contain 12 saturated fatty acids, 5 monounsaturated fatty acids and 13 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Water level

Based on the analysis results, the water content per 100 grams of fresh worms will be 795,928%. The water content has an inverse relationship with the fat in this organism. Marine life adapts to the environment by drinking as much seawater as possible. They also excrete a small amount of urine to keep the body isotonic.

Ash level

Based on the analysis results, the ash content per 50 grams of fresh worms is 6,408%. Ash content is a material that describes the amount of mineral matter that does not burn into a volatile substance. The larger the number, the higher the mineral content in the sand bed significantly affects the ash content. The ash content of an organism is affected by habitat, eating habits, etc.

Raw yarn level

Based on the analysis results of raw fiber of wormwood in 4gram fresh is 0.5798%. Carbohydrates in food consist of crude matter, fiber and nitrogen-free extracted components. High levels of crude fiber in foods affect their digestibility and absorption. Its nutritional composition can be on par with, or even compare with, the nutritional content of regular fish.

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The nutritional content in sea worms is specifically protein, fat, carbohydrates, ash, fatty acids and amino acids. Along with that is a series of vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, E, and minerals P, I2, Ca, Mg, C.

Health benefits of wormwood

Health benefits of wormwood

Sa Sung is a delicious and extremely popular dish in Vietnam as well as in southeastern China. Technological advances have found that they can be used as a form of seafood with more benefits. Through their biological activities it is confirmed that they can relieve some diseases.

  • Support in the treatment of high blood pressure
  • Improve neurological disorders
  • Treatment of cough accompanied by shortness of breath
  • Improve the condition of frequent urination
  • Against hypoxia, thrombosis
  • Has very effective anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supports immune system health
  • Prevent cancer

How to prepare wormwood

Sa Sung is a familiar ingredient and has many different ways of processing. One of the most nutritious and popular dishes is Pho Sa Sung. This will help the pho broth become richer and more special

  • To use this seafood in pho broth, you first need to roast them in a dry pan. Use medium heat and stir and shake the pan until you smell it fragrant and puff up a bit and darken. Let cool on a plate, then break into portions and shake off the sand. Finally put them in the pot of pho broth.

Special nutritious Vietnamese noodle soup

  • In addition, fresh wormwood can be used to cook porridge, soup, stir-fried, fried and grilled dishes. To process them, you need to wash them briefly, then put the ingredients in a dry roasting pan on the stove and then pour them into a basket, removing all the sand clinging to it. Finally use them as an ingredient to make delicious dishes.
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porridge porridge

  • Grilled Sa worm is also an extremely attractive dish. Dried crispy crispy, eaten with chili sauce or chili salt will be a great and extremely nutritious drink.
  • Dried Sa worm can also be used to soak in alcohol, which is very good for health.

Sa Sung is not only nutritious but also a spice that helps to add deliciousness and nutrition to the dish. This will be a new combination for familiar dishes of the family. Do not miss these delicious dishes to take advantage of the great benefits that this seafood brings to health.

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