Squid grass – the “miracle” medicine in medicine for health

Squid grass is one of the popular herbs. Below LEE.APP will learn with you about the amazing health benefits of this plant.

Squid grass has the scientific name Eclipta alba Hassk belongs to the daisy family Asteraceae. It is one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world. Squid grass has a sweet, sour taste and when crushed, the water comes out like black ink. They are considered “panacea” because of their great health benefits.

Learn about squid plants

Herbal plants grow in many parts of the world

Herbal plants grow in many parts of the world

Eclipta Prostrata also commonly known as False Daisy or Bhringraj is actually a species of plant in the Asteraceae family. The tree commonly grows in warm temperate as well as tropical areas around the world. However, it is widely distributed throughout India, Thailand, China, Nepal and Brazil. It is also known as Eclipta Alba and other common names. In Asian countries, it is well known by the names false chrysanthemum, tattoo plant, marsh daisy, etc. The common name Eclipta comes from the Greek word ekleipta. The specific name prostrata is from the Latin word “prostratus”.

Squid is an annual herbaceous plant with many branches, opposite or straight, hairy, about 90 cm tall. The tree grows in poorly drained places on the savannah, with damp, muddy soils along ponds, rivers, and ditches. Wet areas in fields, gardens, and beaches. This plant is most commonly found in wetland environments. However, it also sometimes occurs in drier areas.

Plants like moisture in medium conditions and loamy soil is their preferred environment. The tree has well-developed, cylindrical, gray roots. Stems slender, pale red, up to 30cm or more, covered with short, stiff hairs. Squid is a plant belonging to the burning root family.

Composition of substances in squid grass

A drug with many valuable nutrients

A drug with many valuable nutrients

Squid grass is one of the precious medicinal plants widely used in medicine. The main reason is due to the nutrient components present in the plant. The main components of squid grass include thiophene derivatives. These include: wedelolactone, dimethyl wedelolactone, desmethyl-wedelolactone-7glucoside isoflavanoids. Or substances: glycosides, triterpine, flavanoids, ß-amyrin, luteolin-7-O-glucoside, luteolin-methanol, luteolin, methanol. Also included are wedelic acid beta-amyrin, ecliptin, alkaloids and saponins.

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In particular, squid plants are also an extremely rich source of minerals. The minerals of nature found in squid grass such as Iron, Vitamin E, magnesium, polypeptide, calcium steroids, vitamin D. The leaves of the plant contain alkaloids containing many proteins.

Therefore, squid grass is considered a natural remedy to cure health problems. At the same time, the nutrients contained in the plant have helped them have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-hemorrhagic, pain-relieving properties, etc.

Not only that, the squid plant is also an excellent source of vitamin K. This vitamin has anti-inflammatory effects to help the body resist the effects of discumarin, prevent uterine bleeding in animal experiments. Squid grass also does not cause hypertension, does not dilate blood vessels and is not toxic.

Health benefits of squid grass

The benefit of squid grass is to improve many health problems

The benefit of squid grass is to improve many health problems

Squid grass is indeed a powerful healing herb that is great for liver and kidney ailments. It is beneficial for dermatitis and eczema and helps fight cancer, promotes hair growth, and it is a great antibacterial… It has been used for thousands of years with no side effects. Here are a few common health benefits of the squid plant.

Soothe the stomach

When consumed orally, squid grass has been found to calm any upsets in the stomach. Specifically indigestion or constipation. It works well for these areas of the body. Due to the many chemical substances and organic compounds in the extract of the plant, it has the effect of restoring the normal functioning of the stomach.

Cancer Prevention

Research has shown that squid grass helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the liver. Research is limited, it seems that organic molecules found in the plant disrupt DNA molecules to proliferate cancer cells. It therefore has a cytotoxic effect and kills those dangerous mutant cells.

Increase liver health

Jaundice is considered one of the dangerous health problems that many people around the world are suffering from. It severely affects the liver and liver function, manifesting as discoloration of the skin. Squid herb has been used for thousands of years to balance the liver. It helps to ensure the normal function of the liver effectively.

Urinary tract infection

Squid grass includes a good amount of antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore, it is highly effective in preventing and treating infections. When used for urinary tract infections, it can reduce discomfort. It also neutralizes bacteria to restore normal function to your bladder.

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Breathing problems

Squid is also quite beneficial for people suffering from chronic respiratory infections and coughs. The antibacterial nature of their extracts can clear up infections. While expectorants can push out any remaining phlegm or mucus where other pathogens may be growing.


If you suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment of hemorrhoids, finding relief is often difficult. Squid herb is the effective medicine for you. There have been many outstanding research results showing the effectiveness of the plant in reducing inflammation in sensitive areas and soothing and reducing pain.

Hair Health

Effective remedy to solve all hair problems

Effective remedy to solve all hair problems

Premature or thinning hair loss, dandruff are major hair problems facing the whole world. A little bit of squid ink to your hair care routine is a very good idea to cure such problems. You can mix it with shampoo to moisturize the scalp, prevent dry skin and dandruff. Additionally, it can strengthen the hair conditioner to prevent hair loss and slow down conditions like male pattern baldness. At the same time, the essence from this plant also provides shine to your hair.

Eye Health

The high levels of carotene found in the leaves of the squid plant are considered important antioxidants for the health of your eyes. Carotene helps eliminate free radicals that cause macular degeneration and cataract formation. So, adding fenugreek to your herbal diet can keep your eyesight better.

Get rid of anemia

Since squid grass contains a high amount of iron, a simple soup from its leaves helps to treat anemia. Regular use of it is considered one of the best remedies for anemia. Therefore you can consider using it regularly for your daily diet.

Good for diabetics

Squid grass has also shown superior results when it comes to sugar problems like diabetes. The active molecules present in the plant help control and reduce sugar levels in the body. This is quite important for people who have diabetes or have high sugar levels.

Recurrent miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriage is very common in people who have had multiple abortions. Squid is considered an effective method to prevent miscarriage. Women with repeated miscarriages can drink juice extracted from the plant. With a dose of 3ml along with cow’s milk on an empty stomach helps prevent miscarriage and strengthens the uterus. For best results, it is recommended to take it with Ashwagandha.


Squid grass juice along with the amount of honey in the ratio 1:1 has a very good effect on asthma. Drink this juice 3 to 4 times a day or until the child has less difficulty breathing. It is also beneficial for reducing cough, low-pitched wheezing, as well as chest congestion.

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Squid is also considered a good remedy for toothache. Just apply the powder of the plant to the gums and you can notice the difference in just a few minutes. Ethanolic extracts and alkaloids present in this herb provide effective pain relief.

Used for soft skin

Squid grass has healing properties for almost all skin problems caused by impurities in the skin. It helps to purify the blood naturally, acting directly to help reduce skin diseases. It can be taken orally or applied topically to improve the skin. In addition to giving you a young and healthy skin, it also helps to heal wounds at a fast rate.

Baldness treatment

Hair loss products made from the leaves of squid grass can help prevent baldness. Or simply take some fresh leaves and grind them into a paste along with some yogurt and apply on the scalp. Wait for 15 minutes before rinsing off. Extracts from this plant have been proven effective in promoting hair growth. This method should be used at least once in a week for best results.

Sinus infection

Sinus is a serious problem that needs to be treated effectively. Squid grass is one of the folk remedies used since ancient times to treat sinus. Take a handful of leaves in a pan, add some coarsely ground pepper along with 3 pinches of turmeric. You add water and boil the mixture, then filter the water to drink. This home remedy works very well for sinus related problems. This remedy can also be used on young children, but remember to reduce the amount of pepper.

However, besides the health benefits, squid ink can also pose risks if used in excess. Therefore, you should learn about the cases when you should avoid using squid grass as well as how to use this herb when you want to add it to your meal.

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