Tell you 8 delicious cheese recipes

Cheese is a dairy product that is very popular in fast foods and beverages. If you want to add cheese to your daily menu but don’t know how to make cheese or which type to use, the following recipes that introduce will help you.

Although cheese isn’t the healthiest food, you’ll still get many health benefits and nutrients from it, such as protein, calcium, and phosphorus — minerals that are beneficial for bone health.

Instead of just using fast food to satisfy your cheese addiction, you can immediately apply the following cheese processing methods. They are easy to make at home and can provide you with delicious, low-carb meals.

1. Grilled cheese instead of meat

If you’re trying to cut back on meat, try using cheese instead.

Cheese can make a perfect accompaniment. You only need to bake pieces of cheese like halloumi to take on the main protein for salads, cereals or sandwiches.

2. Making cheese into waffles

You can partially fry cheese using a waffle maker. The machine will help the outer layer of the cheese become crispy with a beautiful golden color, while the inside will soften and melt as you enjoy them.

To make cheese waffles, you should choose mozzarella cheese or at least not hard, aged cheeses because we need a light aroma for the cake.

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cheese waffle chaffle

Egg and cheese waffles are easier to make than regular waffles


  • Ingredients: 2 eggs and ½ cup grated mozzarella cheese.
  • Plug in your waffle maker and turn on the medium on your machine.
  • Beat eggs with cheese.
  • Spray oil on the waffle mold and then put the egg and cheese mixture in, you should spread the cheese evenly on the mold, and the eggs will shape themselves during the cooking process.
  • Close the lid and wait for the cake maker to finish. After 1 round of cooking, if you find the crust is not crispy, cook 1 more time.
  • Finally, put the cake on a plate, drizzle a little honey or sugar-free syrup on top, serve with butter and other fruits.

3. Increase the cheese coating

With foods that focus on cheese, such as cheese sandwiches, the cheese is often concentrated in the center of the cake. However, you can add more flavor to them by coating them with cheese.

You just need to cook the dish as usual, then before flipping the pan, sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese, so it will have a crispy coating and a beautiful golden brown color and a more delicious taste. again.

4. Put the cheese in the cauliflower crust

If you’re familiar with broccoli rice, which is made from the flower part of the cauliflower, try using them to make a healthy pizza crust. Adding cheese to the crust will help the dough stick, making the crust more delicious and crispy.

Cheese cauliflower pizza crust

Add cheese to broccoli rice to make a pizza base


  • Grate / grate the cotton part of the broccoli, then cook and squeeze out the oil and water in the rice.
  • Mix well the dough: broccoli rice, eggs, garlic powder, dried marjoram leaves, grated parmesan cheese and some goat cheese.
  • Spread the dough evenly on a tray lined with baking paper (don’t use foil), try to make the surface of the cake very flat and about 0.8 – 1cm thick.
  • At this point, you can add pizza fillings such as tomato, shrimp, onion sausage… or directly bake the cake for 30-40 minutes and then cover it when the cake is cooked.
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5. Make Crispy Cheesecakes

Instead of potato chips, you can make fried cheese for a snack or pair perfectly with a salad.

Simply scoop out each scoop of cheese (choose a soft cotton one) and spread into a thin, bite-sized layer on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Next, bake the cheese at 204oC will help you immediately have crispy cheesecakes.

6. Sprinkle cheese on popcorn

If you can make your own popcorn, try once using cheese as the main ingredient. The cheese will help the popcorn’s aromatic, crunchy, and fatty flavors blend perfectly with the savory.

All you need to do is puree a mixture of parmesan, cheddar, and any other cheese you like, then pour the melted butter and cheese mixture into the cooked popcorn and you’re done.

Popcorn with cheese sauce

Cheese will make the popcorn taste fat and fragrant

7. Processing cheese to make fried dough

Deep-fried lean proteins such as chicken and pork are often coated with fried flour and bread crumbs to increase the crunch. However, using more cheese to make the coating will make the dish taste even better.

You should use hard cheeses like parmesan, mix them with some bread crumbs or almond flour to season the fried chicken to help cut carbs and increase the flavor of fried foods effectively.

Of course, this layer of fried cheese does not have to be combined with meat, you can also cover them with vegetables, mushrooms or tofu to deep-fry as you like.

8. Variations with fried cheese

The most popular cheese snacks among young people are cheese balls and deep-fried cheese sticks. They have a crispy outer layer and an extremely attractive melting core.

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How to make fried cheese is not difficult. You can make your own at home with mozzarella cheese:

  • Cut the cheese into long bars or small squares.
  • Coat the whole cheese with a layer of flour, egg, and breadcrumbs one at a time.
  • If you like, cover the cheese with batter, then put it in the freezer for a while and then cover it with another layer to give the fried cheese a thicker, crispier crust.
  • Heat the pan, pour enough oil to cover the cheese and then fry the cheese until the crust is golden brown.

Alternatively, you can pan-fry hard cheeses until both sides are crisp and golden brown and ready to enjoy.

These are all different ways of making cheese compared to normal Vietnamese cooking, but they are still very healthy and easy to make. So, try to apply it right away for delicious and healthy food!

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