The concept of tourist according to the World Tourism Organization

According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), there are the following concepts:

Tourism (Tourism): is the activities of individuals going to a place outside their regular living environment (the place of their daily activities) for a period of not more than 1 consecutive year with the main purpose of the trip unrelated. to the money-making activity where they come from.

Tourists (Visitors): Individuals who make travel trips as above are called tourists.

International tourists (lnbound-outbound visitors) are tourists making a trip out of their country of residence. The trip is defined as entry and exit at the country’s international border gates.

Domestic tourists (Dometic visitors) are tourists making a trip within the country in which they reside. The trip is defined from the place of habitual habitat to the return to the place of origin.

The concept of tourists according to the World Tourism Organization

Most countries agree on the determination of the time and purpose for the trip, but the definition of the content of “regular habitats is not consistent. Different countries define the content of the concept of domestic tourists differently. According to a study done in Spain, using different definitions of habitat frequently results in a difference of more than 30% in the total number of trips made by residents of Spain.

That is to say, UNWTO accepts different concepts of domestic tourists in different countries, only emphasizing the purpose of identifying domestic tourists in order to calculate the impact of this group on activities. economy of each member state.

In most of the surveyed countries, the identification of domestic travel trips is usually considered according to the following attributes: the distance of the trip (1 way) from the place of residence, place of study or place of work; trip time, trip frequency; main purpose of the trip; the trip with or without the use of travel services at the destination.

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In our country, tourists include international tourists and domestic tourists:

– International tourists include two groups of tourists: tourists entering Vietnam (inbound visitors) and tourists going abroad (outbound visitors).

+ Tourists entering Vietnam (inbound visitors): are foreigners, Vietnamese people residing abroad entering Vietnam for tourism.

+ Outbound tourists (outbound visitors): are Vietnamese citizens, foreigners residing in Vietnam going abroad for tourism.

– Domestic tourists are Vietnamese citizens and foreigners residing in Vietnam traveling within the territory of Vietnam.

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