The girl who lost 35kg in 6 months made her ex-lover “lost her soul”

Being “kicked” by a lover for being too fat is something that causes deep trauma to many girls. But instead of despairing or crying, her friend Ainnur Zulkifli had a sweet revenge plan for her ex-boyfriend: Losing weight and becoming beautiful made him regret it.

The fat girl lost weight to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend

Anyone who has experienced being overweight or obese will understand how disadvantaged fat people are. People who are always heavy, have difficulty moving, buy clothes without size, are criticized and teased by people around them. Indonesian friend Ainnur Zulkifli suffered even more.

She was abandoned by her lover because she was too fat

Ainnur Zulkifli once weighed a ton, 102kg to be exact. With this weight, you can also imagine how massive her body is. People are always heavy, slow, health is not good, often sick. Choosing clothes is also a headache because nowhere is there anything for people over 100kg.

In a time when everyone in the family favors a slim and slim beauty, girls like Ainnur will suffer many disadvantages, miss many opportunities, many joys in life and even romantic relationships. .

At first, Ainnur’s boyfriend claimed to love her for her soul, not for her appearance. But after a short time of initial care and attention, he also broke up with the reason that “going next to a fat girl embarrassed him with his friends”.

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Needless to say, she knows how shocked she is because that is the person she loves and believes in.

Determined to lose weight and the end

After a period of depression and receiving words of comfort and encouragement from her family, Ainnur finally realized that now is not the time to cry, but to start changing herself.

She began to plan a methodical weight loss and persevered to the end. That plan includes a scientific diet and hard days at the gym.

In less than 6 months with more efforts, the young girl said goodbye to 35kg, a number that can be called unbelievable. The current weight is 75kg, of course, it is not perfect, but it is suitable for her condition.

After losing weight, not only the body becomes slimmer and sexier, but also the hidden beauty on the face is gradually revealed. Ainnur’s face began to become more delicate, and people also paid more attention to her large eyes and voluptuous lips – things that before because she was too chubby to be noticed by anyone. Now people are surprised to realize how beautiful this girl really is.

What about the ex-boyfriend?

Of course, after seeing the “makeover” of his ex-lover, he deeply regrets it. He constantly texted, phoned, and even went to her house to ask her to come back. But of course Ainnur never forgave the one who betrayed her. She completely ignored all the boy’s insistence.

Ainnur believes she can find a better guy and deserves more than that.

Change yourself through eating and exercising

As you can see, Ainnur has lost up to 35kg thanks to diet and exercise. This is the shortest, most effective way and ensures success for fat girls who want to lose weight.

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Do not be impatient to close your eyes and drink unsafe weight loss drugs or fast. Stay calm, lose weight methodically, with effort, like the way the 102kg girl did.

Clean Diet Eat Clean

One of the healthy diets that many women choose to lose weight. As its name implies, Eat Clean is eating clean, which means aiming for the simplicity and purity of food but still ensuring the necessary nutrition.

You will eat pure natural food groups, without artificial ingredients, such as pesticides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives, flavors, colors… You will focus on eating vegetables. tubers, fruits, whole grains, meat, fish, reduce fat, reduce starch and drink lots of water.

This method will help you eliminate many toxins in the body, reduce the amount of bad fat and support effective weight loss.

Check out these 30 Eat Clean menus, with simple, easy-to-find ingredients that are still delicious to quickly get the slim body you want.

If you still do not believe that Eat Clean will work, read about the secret to losing 10kg of this friend Nguyen Thi Thuy.

Exercise to burn fat

You must understand the principle that you will lose weight if the calories you take in are less than the calories you burn through your body’s activities and vice versa. That is, the more you exercise, the more you will burn excess energy, the higher the ability to lose weight.

Therefore, more or less, schedule time to exercise. You can go to the gym or exercise at home if you don’t have time.

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The secret is to focus on exercises that burn calories, reduce body fat, because fat is not lost in any one area of ​​the body.

Start working out with these 10 top body fat loss exercises. The movements are relatively simple and can be done at home.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen . Fat Burning Pills For Weight Loss

Is a new product extracted from green coffee, introduced by a French magazine. They prove that the ingredients in green coffee have the ability to help consumers easily lose weight without causing any side effects on muscles.


If you are having a lot of trouble in life just because of your body, don’t hate it but learn to love it and change it. Combining exercise, nutrition and perseverance, no one is impossible to succeed. Try like the way Ainnur Zulkifli did to change her life.

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