The unpredictable harm that saturated fatty acids can have on gymers

Fats (lipids) are a group of heterogeneous organic substances, insoluble in water and soluble in solvents such as alcohol, ether, benzene, etc. Currently, saturated fatty acids are frequently mentioned. Because this is a commonly used nutrient in the daily diet. However, these same saturated fatty acids are also the cause of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer… Especially for bodybuilders, saturated fatty acids are blacklisted. by the consequences they bring. Let’s find out with How does saturated fat bring bad effects to gym people?

It can be seen that the more society develops, the more people’s demand for food and drink also increases. A series of fast food stores, snacking companies have sprung up to meet the huge demand from consumers.

And fat is one of the compounds most used to produce these foods. Fats are provided from food, including two types of fats, which are of animal origin (such as meat fat, fish fat) and vegetable fats (such as oils in nuts and fruits).

In particular, fats from plants are recommended by experts because they are healthier than fats of animal origin. We often hear that vegetable oils are better for health or heart than animal fats.

The reason for this is that plant-based fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids (containing many double bonds in their structure). Meanwhile, fats from animal fats mainly contain saturated fatty acids, which greatly affect human health.

What are saturated fatty acids?

Saturated fatty acids are also known as saturated acids with a structure in the carbon chain without any double bonds. Saturated fatty acids are mostly found in animal fats.

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Fatty acids have high molecular weight (stearic, aracic, palmitic..) and usually exist in solid form. Meanwhile, low-molecular-weight fatty acids (butyric, caprinic..) usually exist in liquid form.

The biological value of saturated fatty acids is less than that of unsaturated fatty acids. Because they have a bad effect on fat metabolism. That’s why many cases of high blood cholesterol are often the result of a high-calorie and high-fat diet.

Roast pork

Although it has a delicious fat taste, animal fat is a source of unhealthy fat

How do saturated fatty acids bring bad effects to gym people?

Cholesterol is made from saturated fat in the liver. Therefore, the consequence of high cholesterol in the blood is because our body consumes too much fat.

In particular, the bad cholesterol is listed as LDL-c (while good cholesterol, listed as HDL-c, should be elevated in the blood). By being the cause of high cholesterol in the blood, saturated fatty acids are an indirect cause of cardiovascular diseases.

In other words, saturated fatty acid is a compound that is not good for the human body. In particular, for people who practice physically, athletes have to practice with intense intensity every day, consuming too much saturated fatty acids not only affects the physical indicators but also affects the health of the body. healthy to exercise. This also makes it difficult for you to avoid unwanted diseases.

Some foods contain a lot of saturated fatty acids that gym people should not eat


After a workout, most people will have cravings for salty foods. That’s because during exercise, your body loses a certain amount of salt through sweating, so it needs to be replenished as soon as the loss occurs. And most of the selected dishes are fast food, super fatty but attractive foods.

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Eat fast food after a workout

After a workout, most people will have cravings for salty foods

However, this is the number 1 enemy for those who exercise and have a diet. By eating fast food, you will only provide your body with a large amount of saturated fat.

That’s no different than you’re completely ruining the results of previous training. Instead, bodybuilders can completely eat some foods like avocados or bananas that are rich in potassium. This could be a great option for you!

Fries or fries

It can be said that French fries are a dish that few can refuse. What’s better than enjoying hot, golden fries?

However, it is delicious, but this is considered the number 1 enemy of those who want a perfect physique, in the process of training. The fact is that the moment after leaving the gym, we should provide potassium to the body. Bananas are a perfect substitute.

Sugary desserts

During exercise, our body loses a lot of substances, including sugar. Of course, when you have a nutritional deficiency, you need to immediately load that source of nutrients to ensure the best health.

Even so, bodybuilders shouldn’t be greedy to eat all the desserts. If you want to stay healthy and stay in shape, try to avoid sugary snacks by all means.


When you want to stay healthy and stay in shape, try to avoid sugary snacks

Some notes on the use of fat

Unreasonable fat consumption is one of the causes leading to non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension… You need to have strict control over the quantity and types of fats used in daily meals.

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Consuming fat is bad or not, the answer lies in the type of fat as well as the amount of fat we use, in addition to the nutritional status and disease of each person.

According to advice from experts, you should limit the use of saturated fatty acids to no more than 10% of dietary energy. To do this, use vegetable oils and limit the consumption of animal fats.

Unsaturated fatty acids (such as linoleic, linolenic, decosahexaenoic and other unsaturated fatty acids) must provide 11-15% of energy. To achieve this, it is necessary to increase the consumption of vegetable oils and fish fats.

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