The world’s first undersea restaurant

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In which country is the world’s first undersea restaurant?

The world’s first undersea restaurant it’s the restaurant Ithaa Undersea in the island Rangali, Maldives. Located about 5m (16 feet) below the sea level of the Indian Ocean. The restaurant is surrounded by glass panels with soft curves. Ithaa is like a giant glass tube brought to the bottom of the sea. For visitors to not only enjoy delicious food but also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the ocean world. Here, diners can both dine and enjoy watching sea creatures play around.

Located in the hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Ithaa Undersea is an amazing underwater restaurant that has been open since 2005. It offers 180-degree views of the surrounding coral reef.

The world's first undersea restaurant seen from above
Ithaa Undersea is like a giant glass tube being submerged into the sea

The structure of the world’s first undersea restaurant

Ithaa in Dhivehi Maldivian means “mother of pearls”. Ithaa was designed by a New Zealand company. Since February 2004, the idea of ​​​​building a transparent glass restaurant under the sea has been conceived. In May of the same year, Ithaa’s tubular glass structure was fabricated in Singapore. And by October it was completed.

This structure was carefully transported by ship to the Maldives. After 16 days at sea, it reached Rangali Island. It was then submerged in the water near the island’s beach. And started building the rest of it like the bridge leading to the restaurant and the stairs going down. In April 2005, Ithaa restaurant opened.

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The restaurant has 14 seats and as usual, the resort requires a reservation 14 days in advance with the condition of having booked a room in Conrad Maldives.

From the beach, there will be a bridge leading to the restaurant. There is a stairway going down. The scenery inside is truly stunning. The whole restaurant is bright and sparkling under the sea water due to the sunlight shining through. Schools of fish swim around the restaurant because the resort places a lot of coral nearby, so the fish automatically swim back.

The entrance of Ithaa restaurant
From the mainland, there will be an entrance leading down to the restaurant

Sparkling scenery

The surrounding scenery can make diners forget the meal on the table. It is unlike any other aquarium in the world. The surrounding is transparent glass and there seems to be no separation between people and the ocean. The estimated lifespan of this restaurant is about 20 years.

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Not only that, Ithaa’s menu is also famous for two dishes of Maldivian caviar and lobster, giving diners great culinary experiences when coming here. The restaurant offers an interesting 6-course dinner and 4-course lunch menu, mainly contemporary European cuisine. The main manager of the restaurant is a very famous chef Marco AmaroneThe restaurant is also open for mid-morning cocktails.

Inside view of Ithaa restaurant
Great view inside Ithaa Undersea

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