The world’s longest sea-crossing 3-wire cable car

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The world’s longest sea-crossing 3-wire cable car is Hon Thom cable car (Phu Quoc) with a length of 7899.9m organized by the organization Guinness World Records record. Works are Sun Group investment and located in tourist area Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

Hon Thom cable car
Beautiful view from above

Cables are manufactured and constructed by the company Doppelmayr – the world’s leading prestigious and famous cable car company. Hon Thom cable car offers a smooth and spacious experience when sitting in the cabin. Bringing a one-of-a-kind aerial cruise to visitors. Cable car from An Thoi Station in South Phu Quoc, will take you by Hon Dua, Hon Roi and end at Hon Thom, Phu Quoc.

An Thoi Station
An Thoi Station

The cable car system has 6 pillars with the largest T4 pillar with a height of 174m, 70 cabins with a capacity of 30 people/cabin, and a total capacity of up to 3,500 people/hour, the maximum speed reaches 8.5m/s. Taking the cable car will shorten the time from An Thoi to Hon Thom from 30 to 15 minutes compared to using a canoe. The cable car is designed with modern technology, which is considered the safest in the world, does not shake, automatically stops working in bad weather and broadcasts notifications to guests. Each cabin has wifi, night lighting system.

With a 15-minute ride on the cable car across the Hon Thom sea, visitors will be able to zoom out from above to fully admire the masterpiece of nature of the South Pearl Island. Those are emerald green waters, smooth white sand and vast green forests.

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Beautiful check-in location at An Thoi Station
Beautiful check-in location at An Thoi Station

In addition to experiencing with the cable car, you can also check-in with unique architectural works in classic Renaissance style at An Thoi cable car station. Then when you come to Hon Thom, you can explore the entertainment paradise at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park: 6 virtual check-in areas and 21 thrilling games at the water park Aquatopia – the most modern in Southeast Asia. Along with that, there are games on the sea: kayaking, pontoon houses, parachute canoes, …

Aquatopia Water Park in Hon Thom
Aquatopia Water Park in Hon Thom

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