Unexpectedly, pollen has these 4 beneficial uses

Pollen or bee pollen is considered a precious material from nature, they are often used by bees to make honey. Besides maintaining varieties, bee pollen also has great effects on human health.

In this article, we will learn the concept of pollen, its effects and notes when using this natural ingredient.

Let’s learn about different types of pollen

Natural pollen

Pollen is the male spore seed of all flowers. They are an important natural material for bees to collect and bind with honey. After collecting, bees move this pollen with a basket behind their feet, bringing it back to the hive to nurture the baby bees and make food for the whole colony.

Pollen is usually located where the pistil is located. Most of us think that the pollen of flowers has only one yellow color, but in fact, depending on the type of flower, the color of the pollen is different. For example, yellow, brown, light brown, orange red, dark red, ivory white…

Learn about different types of pollen

The pollen of natural flowers often comes in many different colors

Bee pollen

Bee pollen is the pollen that has been collected by bees, using honey to stick. In addition to those two ingredients, bee pollen also has an additional adhesion from the saliva of worker bees. Many studies have shown that bee pollen contains a rich amount of nutrients, which can compare the nutritional content of bee pollen with that of salmon, eggs or milk.

bee pollen

Bee pollen is very nutritious

For bees, this pollen is used as a food source to raise baby bees and as food for the whole colony. The quintessential combination of natural pollen and honey, worker bee saliva makes for an incredibly enjoyable, nutrient-rich natural product with hundreds of benefits.

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For humans, bee pollen will be harvested to meet health care needs. Harvesting this material is not easy at all. It requires the meticulous, hard work of worker bees when looking for flowers, the carefulness and thoughtfulness of people when exploiting while preserving the lives of bees.

What are the health benefits of pollen?

With what we know, you will surely be curious to know what effect bee pollen has on the human body. In fact, bee pollen has been widely used in folk remedies. Not only that, modern medicine is also gradually taking advantage of valuable nutrients from bee pollen in the preparation of pharmaceuticals. Here are some of the main benefits of pollen that you should know:

Increase life expectancy, prevent disease for the elderly

Bee pollen has an extremely high nutritional content, so it is a safe natural health care ingredient for the elderly. Health experts have confirmed that pollen has the effect of prolonging life for users, preventing the risk of cardiovascular disease. For the elderly, bee pollen also has the effect of stabilizing blood pressure, preventing stroke, stroke, and even slowing down aging.

What are the health benefits of bee pollen?

Pollen is very good for the elderly

Improve human resistance

Health is the most precious capital of human beings, without health, doing any job is difficult. One of the secrets to help us improve our health and resistance is to use bee pollen.

Many scientific studies prove that using bee pollen properly will fight a number of common diseases. For example, diseases related to the stomach, diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, prevent atherosclerosis, eliminate the risk of cancer …

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Besides, using pollen regularly, human science is even healthier, avoiding depression due to overwork. This natural product is really suitable for people who need to improve their resistance and increase blood circulation.

Pollen is a great beauty ingredient

For women, in addition to health, beauty is also considered an “essential need” that needs to be taken care of every day. Few people know that bee pollen is a wonderful beauty ingredient. The nutrients in pollen slow down the aging process, supplement nutrients to keep each cell healthy, and prevent free radicals.

This skin care method with this ingredient has been popular for a long time. They not only moisturize dry skin, make skin firm and elastic, but also brighten skin quickly.

This skin care method with this ingredient is very good

This is a safe and effective beauty ingredient for women

Bee pollen – Physiological solution for men

Men who are having physiological problems such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation can use bee pollen to treat. The health-promoting effects, fortifying the body and boosting immunity, and anti-depressants of pollen help men improve this condition quickly. However, it should be kept in mind that it is only a supportive solution, if you want the disease to be completely eliminated, you must seek support from a doctor.

Does bee pollen cause side effects?

Some people report that, after using bee pollen, they have seen some unusual signs. So does pollen actually cause allergies?

In general, people with normal health will not have allergies. However, with some special cases, especially those with sensitive skin and respiratory problems, using chalk should be careful.

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Some common symptoms for people with allergies include itching, rash, bruising, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of appetite, upset stomach, anaphylaxis, etc. If there are any such signs. After using bee pollen, you need to go to the hospital to check as soon as possible. However, this is only a special group, not everyone will be allergic to pollen.

People with respiratory allergies should not use this food

People with respiratory allergies should not use bee pollen

How to preserve bee pollen?

We can preserve this material for a long time if we know how to do it scientifically. The first is to mine or buy chalk from a reputable distributor. This is to ensure the quality of the pollen.

Next, we use a zip bag or a glass jar to put the pollen in it and close it carefully. It is advisable to store pollen in the refrigerator, because the heat of the sun can make it wet.

Safety note when using bee pollen

In the process of using pollen, it is necessary to strictly follow safety rules. You should note the following to best protect your health:

  • People with a history of pollen allergies should not use it.
  • Absolutely do not use chalk that has been damaged, moldy, or damp because they have degraded, very dangerous to health.
  • It is advisable to choose to buy bee pollen at reputable establishments, with clear origins, which are positively evaluated by many other users.
  • Store pollen very well, should not be in a place with high temperatures.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not use bee pollen because it can cause allergies to the baby.
  • Only use the right dose and science.

Thus, we know about the concept of pollen and the uses of this natural material for human health. Taking health care pollen is a good choice, but it is also important to be aware of the safety guidelines that come with it to optimally protect yourself from side effects.

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