What is Height-Boosting Sound Waves?

There are various ways to improve height. In addition to focusing on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, many young people are now interested in using height-boosting sound waves. Does this method really work? How does it work?

Using height-boosting sound waves is being suggested as an effective method to enhance height and is recommended by many. But what exactly are these sound waves and how do they have such “magical” effects? And if they do work, how should one utilize height-boosting sound waves to achieve optimal results?

What are sound waves?

In essence, sound waves are mechanical waves that cause vibrations in our eardrums, enabling us to hear sound. Sound waves are commonly present in the normal sounds of everyday life, such as bird songs, noisy conversations, and more. So, do sound waves have any unique properties that can help you increase your height just by listening?

Characteristics of Sound Waves

Sound waves can propagate through gaseous, liquid, and solid mediums, but they cannot travel through a vacuum. Sound waves transmitted through gaseous and liquid mediums are longitudinal waves, whereas sound waves transmitted through solid mediums can exist in two forms: transverse waves or longitudinal waves.

What are sound waves?

What are sound waves?

Acoustic experts have classified sound waves into three types:

Ultrasonic Waves: These are sounds with very high frequencies that exceed the audible range of human hearing. Typically, the frequency of ultrasonic waves is above 20kHz. Ultrasonic waves are often used in applications such as measurements or medical purposes.

Infrasonic Waves: These are sounds with very low frequencies, usually below 16Hz. When the sound is at this frequency range and gradually decreases, the human ear’s ability to hear is significantly reduced. Researchers often use infrasonic waves to predict earthquakes.

Audible Sound Waves: These are sound waves with frequencies ranging from 16Hz to 20kHz, which we commonly refer to as “sound.” Noise represents the negative aspect of sound, while music represents the positive aspect of sound.

In conclusion, height-boosting sound waves are simply regular sounds, or in other words, they refer to musical sounds, which represent the positive aspect of sound.

Sources of Sound Waves

In reality, the sounds associated with height-boosting sound waves are actually Binaural (dual-beat) and Subliminal sounds. It is recommended to use headphones when listening to these sounds.

Binaural Sound Waves

Binaural, also known as dual-beat sound, has a very gentle intensity. This type of sound wave is created by combining two sounds with different frequencies. For example, the left ear hears a sound with a frequency of 250Hz, while the right ear hears a sound with a frequency of 240Hz, resulting in a Binaural frequency of 10Hz.

Binaural Sound Waves

According to some (non-verified) information, Binaural is considered a form of sound that can alter the frequency of brain waves in the listener, and its benefits depend on the specific brain region it affects. Our brains function by utilizing different pulses and frequencies for each specific task.

Aside from its purported height-boosting capabilities, Binaural sound is also believed to aid in relaxation, improving sleep quality, enhancing memory and focus, deepening meditation, and achieving desired mental states when used with appropriate Binaural beats.

Brain Waves:

  • Delta Brain Waves (0.5 – 4Hz): Associated with deep sleep.
  • Theta Brain Waves (4 – 7.5Hz): Associated with sleep and meditation.
  • Alpha Brain Waves (8 – 13Hz): Associated with wakeful relaxation, meditation, and memory.
  • Beta Brain Waves (15 – 20Hz): Associated with focus, positive thinking, and energy.
  • Gamma Brain Waves (32 – 100Hz): Associated with learning and problem-solving.

Based on the above information, the main purpose of listening to Binaural beats is to achieve mental relaxation, improve sleep, and thereby energize the body to support activities that may contribute to height increase.

Subliminal Sound Waves

Subliminal sound waves, also known as transcendental music, are created by artificial sound waves with much higher frequencies than Binaural beats, sometimes reaching 100Hz, with a magnitude of 2db.

Subliminal Sound Waves

Subliminal Sound Waves.

According to some information, Subliminal sound is accompanied by affirmations that stimulate the brain’s acceptance. For example, you might hear Subliminal sounds along with the affirmation “I am 6 feet tall,” similar to a form of hypnotic suggestion or subconscious conditioning.

Even if you are over 20 years old, using Subliminal sound waves is believed to be effective in increasing height. Additionally, this type of music is said to have the potential to alter DNA information, thereby changing eye color, skin tone, and other characteristics. However, there is no credible information available to confirm these claims.

It is advised that Subliminal sound waves for height increase should not be used by certain individuals, including those with neurological issues, pregnant women, and children under 7 years old. The reasons behind these recommendations have not been clearly elucidated.

Does Sound Wave Music Increase Height?

Based on the analyzed information above, you can come up with your own answer to the question, “Does sound wave music increase height?” and see if you and the Connection of Love have the same response!

Within the scope of information gathered, the Connection of Love can tell you that claims regarding the use of sound wave music to increase height are inaccurate, and the effects on height have not been verified. This method is still experimental and falls within the realm of research, lacking scientific basis or conclusive evidence.

Regarding the two types of sound waves, Binaural and Subliminal, associated with height increase, they are actually sounds or musical tones that aid in mental relaxation, promote comfort, and improve sleep quality. However, the frequency of listening should be limited to 1-2 times per week.

According to a study conducted in 1998, binaural beats can influence psychological activity and mood. Currently, some scientists refer to them as “digital drugs.”

Dr. Nicholas Theodore, a neurosurgeon at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, noted that this type of music can influence cognitive behavior and may encourage listeners to use real addictive substances or engage in other dangerous behaviors.

According to health websites such as Healthline, WebMD, and the Sleep Foundation, there are some potential side effects of using binaural beats:

  • Feeling discomfort or irritability.
  • Exposure to sounds at 85dB or higher can lead to hearing loss.
  • If you have any neurological issues, consult a doctor before listening to this type of music.

Guide on How to Effectively Use Height Increase Sound Waves

Does listening to height increase sound waves actually work? The truth is, listening to sound waves can help you relax your mind, unwind, and promote better sleep. All of these contribute to supporting natural height development. To avoid negative effects from improperly using height increase sound waves, pay attention to the following information:

  • Prepare high-quality headphones.
  • Listen at a moderate volume.
  • Only listen to height increase sound waves 1-2 times per week.
  • Maintain a positive and comfortable mindset while listening to the music.

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Increasing Height through Sound Waves Combined with Other Methods

In addition to using height increase sound waves to promote better sleep, don’t forget to combine them with proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle practices to effectively improve your stature.

Proper Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy eating habit is the best way to maximize your height development potential. Foods that provide nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and compounds beneficial for bone and muscle health and growth are essential.

If you want to grow taller, incorporate protein-rich foods (fresh poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc.), calcium sources (milk, leafy greens, soybeans, tofu, salmon, sardines, and various nuts), zinc (pumpkin, nuts, beans, seeds, eggs, etc.), and fruits into your diet. These are abundant sources of necessary vitamins for robust height development.

Avoid carbohydrate-rich foods like cakes, cookies, or snacks such as French fries, sweets, carbonated drinks, etc. Having three main meals, two light meals, and drinking at least 2 liters of water per day will help you fully utilize the height-enhancing potential of a balanced diet.

Pay Attention to Bedtime and Sleep Quality

The moment you fall asleep is when your body begins the process of repair, recovery, and growth. It is also when the secretion of growth hormone increases tenfold compared to daytime.

The peak of growth hormone levels occurs between 11 PM and 1 AM. It takes at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to enter a deep sleep state. Therefore, start your sleep routine at 10 PM every day and aim for at least 8 continuous hours of sleep.

Eating seeds, soaking your feet in warm water, doing stretching exercises, or listening to soothing music are good habits before sleep that can help you increase your height.

Establish and Maintain a Physical Activity Routine

Physical exercise habits are crucial for overall health and natural height development. Sports with a significant impact on height development include swimming, soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, running, jump rope, or exercises like hanging and stretching that improve posture and promote muscle-bone-joint recovery.

Building a suitable workout schedule with appropriate intensity, combined with a balanced diet and proper rest, will help you achieve maximum effectiveness from this height increase method.

Avoid Stimulants

To effectively increase height, it is crucial to stay away from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. All of these stimulants limit growth and harm your overall health.

Use Height-Boosting Products

In addition to focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, or using height increase sound waves, using height-boosting supplements is worth considering. Compared to height increase sound waves, scientifically proven and effective height growth medications offer significantly better results.

When researching and selecting height growth supplements, prioritize products that contain essential ingredients such as nano-calcium, collagen type 2 (hydrolyzed), vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, etc. Also, remember to explore product certifications and purchase from authorized distributors to avoid low-quality products.

We hope that the information provided in this article has given you a more comprehensive understanding of whether using sound waves can increase height or not. Remember that the most scientifically proven and effective way to increase height is still to pay attention to your nutrition, physical activity, and getting sufficient sleep.

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