What is the average height of Americans?

The average height of Americans has fallen from the top ranks globally. This has left Americans feeling disheartened, prompting them to seek various ways to reclaim their position. A scientific lifestyle is seen by Americans as a crucial key to elevating the nation’s average height.

Average Height of Americans


The average height for American men currently stands at 5 feet 9.6 inches (176.9cm). This height is nearly equivalent to the global average (177cm).


American women have an average height of 5 feet 4.3 inches (163.3cm), which is comparable to the current global average for women.

The heights of Americans vary across different states

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) conducted a survey involving over 450,000 individuals across 50 states in the U.S. The average height results for each state are as follows:

State Average Height of Men Average Height of Women
Alabama >5′ 10″ (>179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Alaska 5′ 9″-5′ 10″  (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Arizona 5′ 9″-5′ 10″  (177-179cm) >5′ 4″ (>163cm)
Arkansas 5′ 9″-5′ 10″  (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
California 5′ 9″ (177cm) >5′ 4″ (>163cm)
Colorado 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Connecticut 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) >5′ 4″ (>163cm)
Delaware 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Florida 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) >5′ 4″ (>163cm)
Georgia 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Hawaii >5′ 9″ (>177cm) >5′ 4″ (>163cm)
Idaho 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Illinois 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Indiana 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)
Iowa 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) >5′ 4″ (>163cm)
Kansas 5′ 9″-5′ 10″ (177-179cm) 5′ 4″-5′ 5″ (163-164cm)

The average heights across states in the United States appear relatively consistent and consistently high, surpassing the national average. However, the survey was conducted on a narrow scale, making it difficult to accurately assess the stature of Americans.

The average height of Americans compared to the world

Currently, Americans are ranked 52nd out of 201 countries in terms of height. For Americans, this is not a ranking to be proud of.

The height of Americans is currently ranked 52nd in the world.

The height of Americans is currently ranked 52nd in the world.

There was a time when Americans were the tallest nation in the world. However, over time, other countries experienced significant height growth, while the rate of height increase among Americans remained relatively slow. Consequently, the United States gradually slipped in the height rankings, now ranking 52nd globally.

Why Americans are becoming increasingly overweight and short

The report from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) shows that Americans are becoming increasingly overweight and shorter.

The average weight, waist size, and BMI of American adults have significantly increased over the past 18 years. If in 2000, the average weight for American men was 190 pounds (86 kg), it has now risen to 198 pounds (89.8 kg). Women have gone from 163 pounds to 170 pounds (74 kg to 77 kg). Meanwhile, the height ranking of Americans has dropped from the top spot to 52nd out of 201 countries and territories.

The modern American diet and lifestyle are believed to be the reasons for the decreasing height of Americans. Despite having a rich diet, Americans tend to have imbalanced eating habits. American children consume excessively during their early years, increasing the risks of obesity, early puberty, and a reduced window for height development.

Americans also show less concern for maternal and child healthcare. Statistics on miscarriage rates, postpartum mortality rates, and poverty rates in the US differ significantly from those in European countries.

These factors likely contribute to the stunted height development of Americans, leading to their continuous decline on the global height rankings.

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Predicting the future height of Americans

The average height of Americans in the future may continue to increase, as compared to the top-ranking countries in terms of height, Americans still lag significantly behind. However, the rate of growth, whether rapid or slow, entirely depends on the habits and awareness of healthcare among the American population.

If the habit of consuming excessive fast food and the lack of proper attention to healthcare for pregnant women and infants persist, Americans may further decline in the global height rankings.

The development of superior science and technology has led to the creation of various height-boosting products in the United States. These serve as important tools to support Americans in their quest to reclaim the top spot for height. Nonetheless, lifestyle and health consciousness remain crucial keys to improving average height and achieving optimal health.

While the average height of Americans currently meets standards, it still falls short compared to many other developed nations, not commensurate with the economic and technological potential of the United States. Americans themselves have recognized this and are striving to change habits to improve their stature.

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