Who is the Tallest Man in the World?

Curiosity is one of the fascinating traits of human beings. So, there’s no issue when you wonder, ‘Who is the tallest man in the world?’ This article provides answers with some incredibly interesting information just for you.

Who is the current tallest man in the world?

Sultan Kosen holds the title of the tallest man in the world at present. His height measurement was last updated in 2009, at 2.51 meters (equivalent to 8 feet 3 inches). According to experts, his extraordinary height is due to suffering from gigantism, a rare condition where the body produces an excess of growth hormone.

When was he born? Which country is he from?

Sultan Kosen was born on September 10, 1982, in Mardin, Turkey. He currently resides in Antakya, Turkey. Sultan Kosen works on a farm and is an active sportsman. He’s also a celebrity who has appeared on various television programs and films.

Sultan Kosen

Sultan Kosen is currently the tallest man in the world, measuring 8 feet 3 inches, which is equivalent to 2.51 meters.

How fast was Sultan Kosen’s height increase?

Sultan Kosen’s height increase occurred rapidly and unusually. He was born with a normal height, but then began to experience a rapid growth spurt from the age of 10. By the time he reached 18 years old, his height had reached 2.36 meters (approximately 7 feet 8 inches). In 2009, he measured 2.51 meters (approximately 8 feet 3 inches), making him the tallest man in the world.

The rapid height increase of Sultan Kosen was attributed to gigantism, a rare medical condition that leads to the body producing an excessive amount of growth hormone. This hormone is crucial for the development of bones, muscles, and other tissues. When the body produces an excessive amount of this hormone, it can result in abnormal growth of body parts, including height.

Gigantism is a serious medical condition that can cause various health issues, including joint pain, back pain, difficulty breathing, and cardiovascular problems. Sultan Kosen had to undergo several surgeries to address complications from this condition. However, he is still able to lead a normal and successful life.

The family of the world’s tallest man

Sultan Kosen is the second child in a family of three siblings. His parents and siblings all have normal heights. Only Sultan Kosen has the unusual height of 2.51 meters due to suffering from gigantism.

To maintain a normal life, he underwent numerous surgeries to address complications. Fortunately, perseverance often yields results. Up until now, Sultan Kosen has led a regular life like everyone else. He married Merve Dibo, a Syrian woman, on October 27, 2013. A year later, they welcomed their first daughter, Zainab.

Everyday Life Images of Sultan Kosen

Everyday Life Images of Sultan Kosen.

The tallest man in human history

Even though he holds the title of the tallest living man, Sultan Kosen is not the tallest man in human history. According to historical records, Robert Pershing Wadlow holds this distinction.

The tallest man in human history, Robert Pershing Wadlow, was born in Alton, Illinois, USA. Similar to Sultan Kosen, Wadlow’s extraordinary height of 2.72 meters (equivalent to 8 feet 11 inches) was also attributed to gigantism due to an overproduction of growth hormone. Throughout his life, Wadlow actively engaged in social activities. He was always ready to help others, which endeared him to those around him. Wadlow passed away at the age of 22 due to complications from his condition. He was laid to rest in Oakwood Cemetery in Alton, Illinois.

Robert Pershing Wadlow

Robert Pershing Wadlow is the tallest man in human history, measuring 2.72 meters (equivalent to 8 feet 11 inches).

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Is towering height related to any medical conditions?

It’s evident that extraordinary height – surpassing the normal human range – is indeed associated with medical conditions. Both Sultan Kosen and Robert Pershing Wadlow’s abnormally tall stature is linked to gigantism. The primary cause is the overproduction of growth hormone. Apart from this condition, scientists have identified a range of related disorders:

Robert Pershing Wadlow

Everyday Life Images of Robert Pershing Wadlow During His Lifetime.

Marfan Syndrome: Marfan syndrome is an inherited condition affecting connective tissue, which supports the body’s structure. Marfan syndrome can lead to various health issues, including abnormal height, loose joints, enlarged heart, and eye problems. Weaver Syndrome: Weaver syndrome is a rare disorder affecting bone development. It can cause various health issues, including abnormal height, large head, small hands and feet, and heart problems. If you notice any abnormalities during the growth process, such as excessively slow or rapid height increase, it’s advisable to seek medical attention for diagnosis and timely intervention.

You might not be aware that Sultan Kosen faced numerous challenges due to his medical condition. Despite that, he consistently worked to overcome them and lead a normal life as he does now. Therefore, cherish life for being happier than many others. And remember, regardless, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to achieving your ideal height.

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