Ideal Weight for 5’10” Height?

Embarking on a journey to discover the ideal weight for a height of 5’10”? Let’s delve into the nuanced factors that influence the optimal weight for those standing at this height and explore a path to health and well-being.

How much is considered ideal for a 5’10” height?

What is the Standard Weight for a 5’10” Male?

For men, being 5’10” comes with certain weight standards that hold significance in career, relationships, and daily life. According to the standard height-weight chart, the optimal weight range for a 5’10” man is 150 – 180 pounds. This serves as the current norm for men. If you’ve reached the height of 5’10”, it’s advised to carefully manage your body weight to maintain a balanced physique.

What is the Standard Weight for a 5’10” Female?

Being 5’10” is considered above average for women, and it is less common in the global female population.. The recommended weight range for women standing at 5’10” is 132 – 160 pounds. Maintaining a balanced body mass index is crucial for women, so those with this height should adopt a healthy lifestyle.


  • 5’10” = 1.7780 meters
  • 1 pound = 0.4535923 kilograms
The standard weight range for women who are 5'10" is typically between 132 to 160 pounds.

The standard weight range for women who are 5’10” is typically between 132 to 160 pounds.

What are the Standard Body Measurements for a 5’10” Height?

For Men:

There isn’t a strict standard for measurements, but a well-proportioned physique often falls within a range of chest-waist-hip measurements that maintain balance. This might typically range between 40-44 inches for the chest, 30-34 inches for the waist, and 36-40 inches for the hips.

For Women:

Similarly, there’s no one-size-fits-all standard, but a balanced figure often features chest-waist-hip measurements within a range. For instance, this could be around 34-38 inches for the bust, 24-28 inches for the waist, and 36-40 inches for the hips.

Dressing Tips for Enhancing a 5’10” Height

If you’re not satisfied with your current 5’10” height, try coordinating your wardrobe with the following techniques:

  • Opt for vertically striped patterns.
  • Choose tops and dresses with V-necks.
  • High-waisted pants or skirts paired with crop-tops or tucked-in tops.
  • Stick to solid-colored clothing, avoiding overly busy patterns.
  • A-line skirts that fall above the knee or just below the calf.
  • Body-hugging dresses.
  • High heels or platform shoes for added height.
  • Say NO to low-rise pants, overly baggy or tight-fitting outfits.

Is 5’10” a Suitable Height for Modeling?

Is a 5’10” Male Suitable for Modeling?

The standard height requirement for male models is typically 6’1″ and above. Therefore, men aspiring to become models at 5’10” should consider implementing health-focused methods to continue natural growth if their development potential allows.

Can a 5’10” Female Become a Model?

Female models are generally required to be 5’9″ or taller. Thus, women standing at 5’10” can indeed pursue a career in modeling, provided they meet the criteria for the ideal physique. If aspiring to be a model, investing in overall appearance and honing essential skills for the profession is advisable.

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What Hairstyle Suits a 5’10” Height for a Taller Look?

Typically, a neatly tied-up hairstyle tends to create a more streamlined appearance, giving the impression of height. If you aim to appear taller to onlookers, consider opting for hairstyles that involve tying your hair more frequently. Leaving your hair down may contribute to a somewhat disheveled look, potentially making you appear shorter than your actual height. There are various hairstyles for tying up your hair that can enhance your overall appearance, offering you a range of options for a refreshing change.

Through today’s article, we hope to have answered your question about how much one weighs at a height of 5’10”. We’ve provided guidance on trending physical development approaches for surpassing the 5’10” mark. Wishing you success and a healthy, thriving body.

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